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PRIC: Propless Remote Instant Cartomancy
by Unknown Mentalist


(3 reviews, 5 customer ratings) ★★★

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PRIC: Propless Remote Instant Cartomancy by Unknown Mentalist

CAUTION: This is so powerful that you could start your own cult. So you must perform this effect with great wisdom, absolute ethics, high maturity and complete responsibility. The author is not liable for any contingent outcomes of your performances, you yourself are solely responsible for it.

SCENARIO : The performer and participant are on both ends of a voice call separated by maybe thousands of miles. The participant is holding an imaginary deck of playing cards and follows instructions of the performer. The objective of the participant is to know the answer to a question she has, related to her future. She can share the question with the performer if she wants or she may chose not to also. In any case she will find out the answer in a stunning manner. After this, she will start perceiving you as someone having certain 'gifts'.

CONDITIONS : This can be performed over a voice call or video call or even text chat. Do you need experience in performing cartomancy effects? No. Not at all. This could very well be your first cartomancy performance. Do you need to have some basic knowledge of cartomancy? Again no. You need not even know the spelling of cartomancy. Seriously. Do you need to know numerology or palmistry or astrology etc? No, no, no. Do you need to know how to give readings? No. Actually for the most part the participant will herself 'extract' the reading or meaning from the outcome. You mostly do nothing, except guiding her through a short simple process.

No cold reading, no warm reading, no hot reading - in fact no thermal-based readings at all. No equivoque, no anagrams, no multiple outs, no dual reality, no stooges or instant stooges, no preshow, no psi forces. No stacked deck or marked deck because there is no physical deck at all. Just the performer, the participant, the voice call and the impact.

Of course, this can also be performed in the usual face to face situations like close up, parlor, street or stage. This is really a 100$ idea being released as a 4.5$ surprise, given the present global situation.

More killer content has been added in PRIC 2.0 which will allow you to perform this to multiple participants with different results.

NOTE: PRIC is for skilled performers and not for beginners.

2nd edition 2020, PDF 32 pages.
word count: 5741 which is equivalent to 22 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Andrew Baroch (confirmed purchase)
★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 29 March, 2023

Boring, confusing.

Reviewed by David Burmeister (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 13 June, 2020

THE UNKNOWN MENTALIST HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!! I believe this is a GREAT effect for anyone interested in creating the illusion of doing a reading. My personal approach since I'm very serious natured is dropping the jokes about dropping the cards etc...however, if you want to make it more lighthearted then use the jokes. I haven't used this yet but I predict that the spectators reactions will be priceless. THE UNKNOWN MENTALIST has created a way to use this basically without memorizing anything and I believe that was unheard of until now. Having said that, I will personally prefer to copying the reading sheet so I can do this one on one with the spectator, hopefully, when we can meet with people after the corona virus is over. Of course, I will have to memorize all the information for the script. The big thing is that this is so versatile on how you want to do this effect you can't loose. The main thing is whether you choose to use this or not...YOU CAN'T LOSE, ESPECIALLY FOR THE VALUE OF THE EFFECT RIGHT NOW! This has my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION. The UNKNOWN MENTALIST should have charged more for this. Get the effect NOW before it goes up in price.

Reviewed by Fred Rosenbaum (confirmed purchase)
★★★★   Date Added: Monday 08 June, 2020

Disclosure: I just bought this and have just skimmed it. It seems to match up with the description and I am happy so far and look forward to spending some time with it. After that I may add or subtract a star or 2.

The reason for writing is to clarify something to make it easier for you. In this book he references "Deckology Vol 1–Mystic Deck" here on Lybrary. Don't search for that, you won't find it. Just search for "Deckology" and you'll find there are 3 volumes. I assumed these would be expensive and the intent was to use PRIC as a loss-leader. Wrong. All are free. So when you buy PRIC save yourself a little time and pick up these 3 volumes at the same time.

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