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Production from Any Ungimmicked Magazine
by Devin Knight


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Production from Any Ungimmicked Magazine by Devin Knight

Most productions are usually from some kind of suspicious looking box that screams magic prop. This is the old-fashion way, time to step into modern times and do away with fake looking boxes that look like something only a magician would have.

With this method, the performer enters with an everyday magazine, such as People magazine. It is held carelessly in his right hand. He flips the pages showing it is an unprepared copy of Time, People or any other publication.

In truth, it IS absolutely unprepared! He tears off the cover and shows it on both sides using just his left hand. He then forms the cover into a tube, twisting one end. He places the tube on his right hand, when lifted it reveals a real drinking glass that can be used in other effects.

Devin shows you other ways to use this idea. You can use the magazine cover to produce a load of silks, instead of a glass, or both. Show the cover empty and produce two real glasses and a load of silks. You could produce small items for manipulation later. Form the cover into a tube and pour out a load of spring flowers, followed by a glass of milk. Many unusual productions may be made from the tube, limited only to your imagination. Very easy to do, do it in front of a mirror and fool yourself.

No body loads. No hanging bags. There are no gimmicks; there is no preparation, no gluing or fixing. Do it on the fly using a borrowed magazine if you wish. Personalize your show by using a copy of the club or group's magazine for the production. Something your audiences have not seen.

1st edition 2016, 10 pages.
word count: 1742 which is equivalent to 6 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Ronald M Levy
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 01 August, 2016

How often have you watched magicians amaze you by producing something substantial, seemingly out of empty space. Devin Knight explains how you can produce a glass of spring flowers or silks from what is shown to the audience as a flat everyday magazine. The magazine is unprepared and there are no body loads. Merely tear off the back cover, forming it into a tube, and right there on your hand you can raise the tube and amazingly produce a variety of items. This is well written and clearly explained with Devin’s helpful diagrams. The audience will be amazed that so much could be mysteriously tucked somehow in a flat ordinary magazine.