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Psy-Connect Deck
by Daniel Young


(1 review, 4 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Psy-Connect Deck by Daniel Young

This an ebook describing how you can create your own Psy-Connect Deck. So what is that, you're asking. It's a deck, or a stack of index cards which you use in your experiments. It allows you and a spectator to successfully send and receive words, pictures, colours, you name it. You can involve as many people as you like in this demonstration. This is really a no-brainer, no memorisation required, the cards can be shuffled. Just imagine the spectator picking up a card and successfully sending you that thought, but don't you think he/she would be happy to receive a thought as well? Of course, and in the same fashion you take a card and send the thought to them.

Inspired by Max Maven's Mind's Eye Deck.

1st edition 2006; 13 pages.
word count: 3518 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text

Reviewed by McAig
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 07 March, 2008

You'd be best to have an idea of Max Maven's "Mind's Eye Deck" in advance of reading this, as the best part of the text gives thoughts on how to present this kind of effect strongly, rather than detailing the way to make up the deck. Maven's "Videomind 1" dvd gives the basics. (Daniel Young refers to the Maven deck in the notes, so this is not intended as a criticism of a lack of crediting). Overall it didn't really grab my attention in the way one of Daniel Young's other items did. It would make an interesting chapter in a book, but perhaps isn't strong enough to stand as a single item, in my opinion.