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by Daniel Young


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Compendia by Daniel Young

This is a compilation of The Mixed Mind, The Sharp Mind and The Thinking Mind, plus the unreleased The Cerebral Mind (includes three effects for Cerebro, although the routines can be performed without the gimmick, it's only there as an enhancer. Definitely something for the seance worker).

The Thinking Mind
This is all theory, which means half of you won't be interested. No tricks. It's about believability, logic, structure and so on. Well worth a read for the aspiring mentalist, or anyone who might be interested in Daniel's thoughts on the subject of mentalism.

The Sharp Mind
It's mentalism witha borrowed deck of cards. It contains Daniel's versions of other classic effects. You can read his Any Card at Any number, plus some of it's variations, that have previously been seen in Mind over Magic magazine as well as other outlets. It's all practical stuff that Daniel uses frequently when there's a deck of cards around. All of it can be done with borrowed decks in just about any condition (so you don't have to wait for someone to have a bicycle deck). The routines are

  • Serendipity - a borrowed and shuffled deck is separated into respective suits. The mentalist obviously can't see the faces.
  • Into My World - Daniel's version of Out of this World, it can be done standing up, no indicator cards etc.
  • Free CD - A three card divination. It uses a helper, nothing earth shattering about the method, but the effect is very nice.
  • Memoria - A pseudo-memorised deck. It can be borrowed and shuffled. Someone thinks of a card. You memorise the deck and can tell him/her it's exact position as well as other convincers.
  • Any - the original version of Daniel's ACAAN effect, plus a super clean variation (although that one isn't 100%)
  • Any v 2.0 - This is the effect that appeared in MOM magazine, it's Daniel's favorite out of all these effects. The deck is borrowed, shuffled, someone thinks of a card, deck can be shuffled again, someone names a number and a third person counts down to that number. Surprise surprise, the thought of card is found there. Plus that you get, a presentation for this effect, which brings it from the realm of a mere coincidence to a solid routine.
The Mixed Mind
Eight effects in total.
  • The Ember Touch - a voodoo effect with a cigarette. No it's not ashes in palm.
  • Misty Mind - A reputation making effect. Not a performance piece, as in stage or close up. It's designed to be an everyday miracle.
  • A movement in mind - A synchronicity effect between you and a spectator, you both move the same way without seeing eachother, even think the same things.
  • Metalicon - Metal bending, not an effect as such, but there are some moves, and new revelations. Have you wondered what to do if someone hands you a really heavy piece of cutlery? Or what to do if they are burning your hands? Find out now! Plus a lot valuable notes on metal bending.
  • Time Freeze - Freezing the time, so the spectator can't move and the watch has stopped. An in their hands watch stop with no gimmicks, and no suggestion. Similar to Luke Jermay's effect, but different in method.
  • Chairity - Chair tests and some random ideas surrounding them.
  • Subliminality - A novel and intriguing way of doing a magicians force. Well, the force is the same, but it's the presentation that's important.
  • Telepatico - A two way telepathy effect, a spectator reads your mind, and you read theirs. Billet routine.
1st edition 2006; 109 pages
word count: 25916 which is equivalent to 103 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Todd Landman
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 20 January, 2007

Daniel Young is a fantastic young mentalist with superb ideas that take 'lateral' thinking to a new dimension. This collection of works is outstanding and should be in every mentalist's collection. I have read these through and through, and I have adopted one of his methods in the development of my own ideas. These are fresh and strong effects that will play well in a variety of performance settings. His work is akin to that of Looch, author of Simple and Direct (SAD) mentalism. Get this collection now and start performing the impossible.

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