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Quicker Than The Eye
by John Mulholland


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Quicker Than The Eye by John Mulholland

This is a wonderfully readable and fascinating description of magic and its history. Written by one of the scholars of magic - John Mulholland. Ben Robinson, the expert on John Mulholland whom he researched for more than 30 years, writes in his introduction to this ebook:

"Quicker Than The Eye was John Mulholland's second book, and the first under solely his own name. It is a tale of adventure and creativity. The pages abound with names, dates, and thrilling stories of the great names in stage conjuring. It is an almost anecdotal history told in an easy-going, very readable style. Professionals today, those with thirty plus years to their credit, often first read Mulholland's pages under the covers by flashlight, entranced by his tales, when parents would have had their boy conjurers sleeping!"

1st edition 1932 (copyrighted 1927), original 259 pages, PDF 99 pages.

  1. Introduction
  2. Preface
  3. Contents
  4. Chapter I – Peddlers of Wonders
  5. Chapter II – Of the Old World
  6. Chapter III – First Magicians in America
  7. Chapter IV – Books of Magic
  8. Chapter V – The Way You're Fooled
  9. Chapter VI – Eastern Magic
  10. Chapter VII – Holy Men and Jugglers
  11. Chapter VIII – The Red Man's Magic
  12. Chapter IX – Romany Tricks
  13. Chapter X – The Great Magicians
  14. Chapter XI – Those Who Get Not Their Living Thereby
  15. Chapter XII – Forecasting and Its Frauds
  16. Chapter XIII – A Modern Mountebank
  17. Chapter XIV – Near Royalty and Real

word count: 52241 which is equivalent to 208 standard pages of text