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Read, Spell and Kill

by Raphaël Czaja
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Read, Spell and Kill by Raphaël Czaja

Basically, two thought-of cards selected from a thoroughly shuffled deck are revealed by the magician. The first one is found by reading in the spectator's mind. The second one is found by spelling the name of the first card revealed, dealing one card for each letter from the top of the deck. The card at the last letter is turned over: It is the second thought-of card!

Here is the performance in detail: The deck is shuffled by the magician and a spectator. A second spectator does the last shuffle and the magician turns his back to them. Spectator 1 is asked to remove a small packet from the deck. He counts how many cards he got and remembers his secret number. This packet is hidden between the palms of Spectator 2.

The magician faces the spectators again and deals a few cards in a pile. He turns his back again. Spectator 1 shuffles this packet and looks at the card at his number. Let's say it is the 7 of Clubs. Spectator 2 is asked to remember the card at the bottom of his packet. Let's say it is the Queen of Diamonds. Both shuffle their remaining packet and the deck is gathered. The magician faces the spectators again.

The magician cuts the deck as he says, "Now I'm going to show you the difference between a mentalist and a magician."

He asks Spectator 2 to concentrate on his card so he can read in his mind. After a few assertions, the magician is able to announce that Spectator 2 is thinking of the Queen of Diamonds! This was the mentalism part.

For the magical part, the magician spells the name of the card, dealing one card for one letter from the top of the deck. The card at the last letter is tabled. Spectator 1 reveals his card out loud. The card is turned over: It is the 7 of Clubs!

Uses only a regular deck of cards. Easy to do (most of the trick is automatic). Remember that the spectators shuffle the cards before and during the trick. You don't know the outcome until the divination part. Actually, you don't know Spectator 1's card until he reveals it! Comes with notes about alternative handlings and ideas.

1st edition 2014, 5 pages.
word count: 2306 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text

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