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Real Chinese for Magicians
by Robert D. LaRue, Jr.

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Real Chinese for Magicians by Robert D. LaRue, Jr.

Own a unique book in magic literature. Why use a brightly painted box that has some random nonsense fake Chinese character on it when you can easily customize the box with actual, correct, traditional Chinese characters that mean something relevant to your routine? If the routine uses water, or fire, here are the correct characters. Plus much more: Dictionary of 200+ words relevant to magic; colors; dynasties; seasons; numbers; colors, directions for transferring the characters to your props; essay on performing an ethical ethnic act; directions for properly writing characters; two Romanization/pronunciation systems; directions on how to use a Chinese dictionary.

  • Introduction
  • Presenting an Ethical Ethnic Act
  • Defining the Chinese Language
  • Calligraphy
  • How to Use a Chinese Dictionary
  • Decorating Your Show
  • How to Use These Characters
  • Pronouncing Chinese Sounds and Tones
  • Wade-Giles Romanization
  • Pinyin Romanization
  • Magical English-Chinese Dictionary Word List
  • Main Entries
  • Special Groups
    • Numbers
    • Colors
    • Seasons
    • Directions
    • Five Traditional Elements
    • Zodiac
    • Major Dynasties
  • Bibliography

1st edition 2002, updated 2020, PDF 106 pages.
word count: 10795 which is equivalent to 43 standard pages of text