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Reality as Canvas
by Dale A. Hildebrandt

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Reality as Canvas by Dale A. Hildebrandt
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Short, to the point, effects created by Dale A. Hildebrandt and a few of his friends some years ago; put together here in one place for your enjoyment

P-Ainting: A painting comes to life on a special night; perfect for the bizarre performer who has access to theatrical settings and technology.

Transplanted: The mentalist is able to communicate with a flower/plant; Variation "Transkey" with keys

Teddy Tear (originally appeard in Half-Baked, the Journal of Ideas That Aren't Issue 11): Ripped and restored teddy bear; Variation "Doll Danger" (created with Adam White) doll & doll head presentation

Folding For Love: A presentation for an origami fold

Square Bet by Werner Miller (Included with his permission): A magic square from only eight numbers, in a way.

Sign of the Times: An audience member divines the Zodiac Sign of the performer by using some props.

Mancala Madness: A highly interesting presentation for the lowly novelty known as the Rattlerock; inspired by a marketed item; although you can find the required prop at many hobby stores.

In-Tuit: An old gag once mentioned by Martin Gardner turned into a prediction of an ESP symbol combined with the gag.

Bang! Bang!: A variation of a Tom McCarron effect involving bang caps combined with a Sam Berland that allows you to psychically set off the cap.

Ear of Van Gogh: A silly presentation centered around Van Gogh and the infamous ear incident

Paul is Dead: An interesting factoid about a Beatles album is turned into a spooky piece of magic

The Ghost of Sam Loyd: famed puzzlist Sam Loyd returns from the dead to solve three puzzles for your audience

Crossing the River Styxx: Some old magic methods get a makeover for the bizarre magick performer

Masquerade: Another presentation for another old trick; this time a nice story for an old card trick chestnut

Trumped: A trick written before he was president; back when he was a TV celebrity just looking for an apprentice; based on the show "The Apprentice"

Two Anniversary Wishes: Card trick presentation based on an old joke

Twist Those Aces: twisted aces twist

Death Mask: A presentation for the infamous Jim Pace "The Web" effect without using insects/bugs but way more serious

Pin-Up Fantasies: A trick with a pin and four cards

Raining Frogs: Fortean theme for John Cornelius's "Fickle Nickle" trick

Fortune Fortress: a method of placing things inside fortune cookies

Cider: Cards to mouth method applied to apple cider and apple slices

Silver Heels: an example of my earliest bizarre magick creations where, unfortunately, story was too long and effect too weak; included for historical reference of my past offences

Push Button: Novelty computer keyboard buttons put to entertaining use

Freddie's Flies: a simple idea revolving around those pesky winged creatures

On with Head by Oliver Meech (Included with his permission): A photographic spectacle of decapitation and re-capitation

Ring Dream: two lovers joined together by spirit and torn apart by base materialism

Chap/Lip Stick: Changing chap stick to lip stick

Nail Thru Hand: Magically put a nail through your hand

Wizard's Wishing Ring: A ring gives you control over a matchbox

The Joke's On Me: Restoring scratched lottery tickets

Blue Pill, Red Pill: "Matrix" movie inspired magic with an Okito Box

Slot Machine Matrix: Slot machine jackpot inspired card/coin assembly effect

Transformational Dime In Ring: combined metaphor, origami, and a well known coin gimmick for a pow whiz bang of a trick.

Coffee Coin: coffee; dime; conjuring

Flipbook: An hand-powered animation of a hand manifests a dime

From Penny to Pebble: Just a few sentence presentation for a novelty coin

Washing Machine: The human washing machine?

The Laser of Sir Henry Cavendish: How the death of Sir Cavendish helped the North win the civil war....

Count Glove: An effect based on a finger counting trick and applied to a glove

FRIEND Section: Contributions from Liam Montier, Adam White, and Werner Miller

1st edition 2019, 70 pages.
word count: 20002 which is equivalent to 80 standard pages of text