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Samuel Berland

Samuel Berland

(USA: c1904 - 27 May 1987)

Pro close-up. Teamed with Harry Faber as "The Faberlands". Since 1925, dealer in Chicago, originally in partnership with Joe Berg and Harry Faber. In 1926 Berland was bought out by Berg and founded the Central Magic Company in Chicago, which he sold to J.C. Fabian in 1954. 1986 AMA Creative Fellowship.

Prolific inventor, including Enchanted Cigarette Holder (in 1935), Devil Dollar (by 1940), Coinception (1946), Sparko (by 1948), and U-Can-Do Cards (marketed in 1950).

Wrote Berland's New and Original Tricks (1933, 42pp), Novel Cigarette Tricks (1934, 48pp), Xclusive Trix (1935, 25pp), Berland's Biltrix (1940, 7pp), Match-effex (1940), Blue Ribbon Card Tricks (1942, 27pp), New and Original Tricks with Watches (1942, 64pp), Berland's Book of Routines (1950, 30pp), More Exclusive Tricks (1961), Tricks for Today and Tomorrow (1970, 32pp), The Close-Up Magic of Sam Berland (1986), etc. Tricks in Genii.


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Berland's Blue Ribbon Card Tricks by Samuel Berland

Twenty-five complete card miracles and moves with over 100 illustrations.

Top performers including Bob Hummer, Dai Vernon, Arthur Buckley, Dr. Harlan Tarbell and others reveal their favorite card effects here for the first time. Here are new effects, for close-up, parlor and stage presentation. Ready-to-work effects, sleights, color changes, revelations and clever routines that you will be proud to perform.

One hundred pen-and-ink illustrations by master artist Thomas Libonati make everything clear.


  • Before the Shuffle
  • Five Card Baffle (Hummer)
  • One Hand Visible Card Change (Berland) ...
2019 / 2 / 13

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New Applause Winning Tricks by Samuel Berland & T. A. WhitneyHere are more beautifully routined professional effects to add to your act, from the minds of Berland and Whitney. The experts agree that the effects in this book are applause-getters. We concur, as well. Not just one or two, but seven separate routines that you'll want to put to use right away. The crystal-clear illustrations by Herb Borin and Mickey O'Malley make it easy to follow every move.

Just look at what's included:

Super Card Impalement - A card stab effect using two knives that reveal the selected cards from a pair of spectators.

Triple Magical Surprise - Three lit cigarettes...

2019 / 1 / 15

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Berland's Bill Tear Secrets by Samuel BerlandPerhaps the best torn and restored bill effect the magical world has ever seen.

A magical inspiration that comes once in a blue moon. A sensation of the I.B.M. and S.A.M. conventions. After you've read the following effect, you'll say it's impossible. And so will your audience, when they see you perform this bill tear.

Effect: The performer reaches into his wallet and removes a dollar bill. To preclude the possibility of exchange or duplicates, the performer requests someone in the audience to mark the bill in any manner they wish. His hands are carefully shown to be empty. There is no...

2018 / 7 / 13

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Tricks with Watches by Samuel BerlandTricks, sleights and routines with watches.
  • Foreword
  • Sleights
    • Watch Vanish A La Zano
    • New French Drop Variation
    • Two Watch Vanish
    • Thumb Palm With One Watch
    • Thumb Palm With Two Watches
    • Berman Deceptive Vanish
    • New "Take-A-Way" Vanish
    • New "Swing" Sleight
    • Daring Double Watch Vanish
    • A Simple "Back Palming" Watch
  • General Effects
    • Production From "Time" Magazine
    • "Repeat" Appearing Watch On Chain
    • Catching A Hatful Of Watches
    • Watch Goes Boogie Woogie
    • The Watch Takes Leave
    • Silk And Watch Transposition
    • Come Again Watch
    • Watches To The Pocket
    • Watch And Cigarette Surprise
    • Watch,...
2018 / 1 / 16

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The Berland Book of Routines by Samuel BerlandTake your magic to the next level by incorporating one or more of Berland's beautifully choreographed routines into your act. This is magic that makes audiences, booking agents, and club owners sit up and take notice.

Not just one or two, but eight separate routines, using items already owned by most magicians. The performances are well-thought out, clearly described, and with 147 illustrations, easy for most any performer to understand and put to use. Just look at what's included:

  • A Word to My Friends in Magic
  • Routine Impromptu
  • Astrological Forecast
  • Liquor Finish for Cups and Balls ...
2017 / 4 / 2

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Tricks with Paper Cups by Samuel BerlandAlthough this booklet was written in the 40s, paper cups are still ubiquituous objects. Go to any fast food restaurant and you will find them, or at parties, at the company water cooler, picknicks, fairs a.s.o. This makes paper cups an ideal item for us magicians - great for an impromptu miracle. Sam Berland teaches 25 amazing tricks, from vanishing liquids to appearing silks in cups. Almost any magical effect can be achieved.

You too should know at least one trick with a paper cup for the next discussion at the water cooler.

1st edition 1942; 26 pages.

  1. Introduction
  2. Liquid Vanishing Cup:...
2006 / 1 / 6

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