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Reel Magic
by Albenice


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Reel Magic by Albenice

A reel is a tool which enables many surprising effects: Cards will rise, silks will come to life, small items will vanish, and more.

Albenice reveals his famous Serpent Silk, wherein a scarf, twisted rope fashion and tied in a knot visibly unties itself. More than 25 different effects are described, including penetrations, color changes, knot effects, and much more.

Also in the Addenda will be found the complete manuscript of "The Penetrable Silk" by Spalding, which was originally published in The Sphinx in the form of a series of articles. Spalding independently developed a whole series of penetration effects using a reel and a silk handkerchief, all of which are very effective.

  • Introduction To Second Edition
  • Foreword
  • From The Publisher
  • Chapter I: Knot Effects With Handkerchiefs
    • The Serpent Silk
    • Visible Self-Tying Silk
    • The Naughty Knot
    • A Suggested Routine With The Vanishing Cane And Handkerchief
    • Visible "40th Century" Silks
  • Chapter II: Penetration Effects With Handkerchiefs
    • "Penetro"
    • Spalding's Penetrable Silk
  • Chapter III: Color Changes With Silks
    • A Smart Color Change
    • The Quack Rabbit
  • Chapter IV: With Playing Cards
    • Card On Ribbon
    • Rising Cards Through The Air
    • The Card Fountain
  • Chapter V: Miscellaneous Tricks
    • Button, Button, Who's Got The Button?
    • The Magnetized Wand
    • Ring Up, Ring Down
    • Sight And Touch Vanish
    • Flying Dollar Bill
    • The Elusive Dollar
  • Chapter VI: The Thornton Windlass
    • Flying Dollar Bill Across A Room
    • Balancing A Chair On Two Legs
    • Rising Cards
    • Buatier De Kolta's Card Fountain
    • The Floating Cigar
    • The Dancing Handkerchief
  • Chapter VII: The Lightning Pull
    • Lamp Chimney And Silk
    • The Vanishing Bird Cage
    • The Flying Ring
  • Addenda
    • Improved, Visible "40th Century" Silks
    • The Penetrable Silk

1st edition 1941, 83 pages; 1st digital edition 2016, 64 pages.
word count: 16438 which is equivalent to 65 standard pages of text