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Reelistic Magic
by Lewis Ganson


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Reelistic Magic by Lewis Ganson

A collection of tricks, stunts and bits of business using a reel.

A reel is a very powerful stage and parlor tool. (In its miniature versions it can even be used in close-up environments.) It is small enough that it can be easily palmed, but powerful enough to pull silks, cords and other items in a fraction of a second. It is like an invisible hand that the performer can use at his command.

Includes care, repair and maintenance of reels.

  • The Reel
  • Re-Threading The Reel
  • Ken Brooke's Method For "The Untying Silk"
  • The Self-Tying Silk
  • The Untying Silk Again
  • Penetrations With Silk
  • "Right - Thru"
  • "Silk - Thru - Cane"
  • Lightning Chair Penetration
  • Single Handed Chair Penetration
  • Reel-Ly Pulled Apart
  • More Magic With Silks
  • Floating Silk
  • "Reel" 20th Century Silks
  • Suspended Card Silk
  • Magic With Cards
  • The Rising Cards
  • Ribbon Card
  • Magic With Rope
  • "Untying Rope"
  • Snap Rope Restoration
  • The Determined Knot
  • Acrobatic Knot
  • The Indian Rope
  • The Reel-Ing Knot
  • Variation Of "Snap" Rope Restoration
  • Magic With Cigarettes
  • Repeat Vanishing Cigarette
  • Where's That Cigarette?
  • Miscellaneous Magic
  • "The Vanishing Button"
  • The Magnetic Wand
  • Rising And Falling Ring
  • "Vanishing Coin"
  • The Flying Note
  • Thimble Vanish
  • Bird Cage Vanish
  • A Fountain Pen Vanish
  • Dropped Thimble
  • The Flying Ring
  • The Elusive Note

1st digital edition 2013, 65 pages.
word count: 15900 which is equivalent to 63 standard pages of text