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Regardt Laubscher
Balloon Comedy and Magic by Regardt Laubscher

Introducing Balloon Comedy & Magic: Your ultimate guide to hilarious balloon modelling for magicians.

Step into a world where laughter reigns supreme and magic comes alive with every twist and turn of a balloon. In this captivating ebook, magicians of all levels will discover the secrets to infusing their performances with uproarious comedy and mesmerizing magic using the versatile art of balloon modeling.

Inside Balloon Comedy & Magic, you'll find a treasure trove of side-splitting jokes, witty routines, and clever comedic techniques perfectly tailored for the magician's stage. Learn...

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Regardt Laubscher
Close-Up for Professionals by Regardt Laubscher

The following book is a complete breakdown of my own professional roaming set. You might not agree with everything I write, but I can honestly say that I have had much success over the past two decades in using ideas, tips and tricks shared in this ebook.

  • Dress Code
  • Table
  • Opening Lines
  • First Effect: Chop Cup
  • Second Effect: Male, Or Female
  • Third Effect: Ambitious Card
  • Fourth Effect: Body Language
  • Children
  • Awareness
  • Use Your Time And Present!
  • Your First Table/Group
  • Following You Around
  • Extra Content For My Set
  • Cellphone App Magic
  • Balloon Animals
  • Last Performance
  • Review
  • Who...
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Regardt Laubscher
Punchlines for Kids Parties by Regardt Laubscher

Over the years I have learned that even a very experienced performer can find himself/herself in situations during a show where you need to stay calm and ignore random things that happen during your show. For the rest of it, speak your mind, but always be respectful. These lines will help you have control over your show and also enhance your professional image.

"I just read the book and there are plenty of good lines/ideas. My favorite are "Balloons Animales" and "Marketing Lines. Thanks Regardt for your sharing!!" - Guillaume Cerati

  • Jumping castles
  • Photographer
  • Naughty children ...
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Regardt Laubscher
Water and Oil by Regardt Laubscher

Over the years, many versions of the famous card trick "Oil and Water" have been developed, performed, and even filmed. It's a popular effect amongst magicians. Magicians are very sure that oil and water can't mix. But have you ever asked yourself if water and oil can mix?

The spectator mixes black (oil) and red (water) cards by placing one from each on the table in one stack, one after the other, until all cards are exhausted. Then the performer separates the stack into four packets, shuffles each packet, splits each packet into two parts, recombines everything, and - water and oil are...

★★★★★ $5
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Regardt Laubscher
Entertaining Parents and Kids at Birthday Parties by Regardt Laubscher

If you are a children's magician, then this ebook is for you. Although there are no specific trick explanations, Regardt focuses on full routines, their presentation, patter, and entertainment value rather than trick secrets. Most of all, these routines will entertain both the children and the adults. After all, how often do the mums and dads actually watch the show too? Here you learn to keep them happy as well.

Of course, the main focus is to still entertain the children, as that is the whole purpose of being booked as a children's magician at a party, or event. However, even though the...

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Regardt Laubscher
Money Magnet Tips for Kids Parties by Regardt Laubscher

The evergreen market of children's parties will make you feel like a 'magician farmer.' You can harvest 12months of the year. In this ebook of practical money-making tips, I will share my closest guarded secrets I have never told anyone before. I have been making use of these secrets for almost 2 decades and they have truly been my 'Money Magnet' throughout the years. I will cover topics such as

  • Performance packages, Marketing, Invoicing, Designing, Financial planning, and many more.
  • This ebook is really a personal treasure of mine.
  • If you are serious about making money in the Children's...
★★★★★ $9.79
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Regardt Laubscher
Impossible Ball in Jar by Regardt LaubscherImagine a ping pong ball magically appearing inside a jar with an opening smaller than the ball. Well...this is now possible. The Impossible Ball in Jar is what you need in your act. No threads. No Magnets. Just a little bit of magic that you can learn in 5 minutes.

1st edition 2021, video 14 min.

★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Regardt Laubscher
One-Liners and Jokes for Kids Parties by Regardt Laubscher

Over 40 one-liners and jokes. Comedy should be used to enhance your magic, as you are not a comedian, but rather an entertainer. But by saying that; can you imagine any performance more entertaining than a comedy magician? I don't think so. This ebook will surely add value to your performance.

One-liners and jokes for:

  1. Arrival
  2. Sit down
  3. Warm-up
  4. Performance
  5. Goodbye

1st edition 2021, PDF 19 pages.

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Regardt Laubscher
The Ultimate 'You Do As I Do' by Regardt Laubscher

Two decks are shuffled by a spectator. His/Her choice who gets which deck. They each choose any card, and it will match. Don't be put off by the simplicity of the trick, as it can be repeated over and over again and still impress each time.

1st edition 2021, PDF 5 pages.

★★★★ $5
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Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products)