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Impossible Ball in Jar by Regardt Laubscher
Imagine a ping pong ball magically appearing inside a jar with an opening smaller than the ball. Well...this is now possible. The Impossible Ball in Jar is what you need in your act. No threads. No Magnets. Just a little bit of magic that you can learn in 5 minutes.

1st edition 2021, video 14 min.

Reviewed by David Nethery (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 19 October, 2023

This caught my attention because I was looking for a method to pass a ball into a jar or bottle, so on an impulse I took a chance on this trick. It turns out to have some weaknesses. I'm sort of embarrassed that I didn't watch the video several times and more carefully consider those weaknesses before I paid $10 for this single trick (there are whole books with dozens of tricks on for $10 ... I should have stuck with buying a book). The biggest weakness is that you are required to use a draped table and a hat (although an alternative handling using a change bag is given. If you don't have objections to using a change bag, it is ok.) The author says he has done it just using a suitcase table instead of a draped table.

I can't recommend this trick.

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