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Remote Close Up 17
by Renzo Grosso

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Remote Close Up 17 by Renzo Grosso

Conducting effects on the telephone presents some "structural" difficulties:

You have to prepare a meticulous presentation and review it in detail; in close-up or on stage you have the viewer in your presence and you can check at any time if they are following your instructions correctly. On the phone no! You must therefore try to write simple, unique instructions and you must check periodically (if not almost every time) that these have been carried out as you expected.

You must prepare (as with all performances) an introduction that describes the purpose of the game, where you start from and where you want to arrive; however, you need to be short and incisive; almost all the effects are mathematical or automatic, and the final "revelation" must be studied well, to avoid that an "expert mind" can understand the principle.

In this booklet you will find:

  • GIVE ME FIVE! Following an old routine (just because I studied it many years ago!), I created and proposed two versions, which I find equally interesting:
    • PECUNIA, CLASSIC COPPER COIN (to be proposed with coins),
    • THE FIVE SENSES (to be proposed with the cards)
  • ORIENT YOURSELF WITH THE COMPASS: it is an interesting routine because it can be immediately re-proposed (by modifying the last two steps) with a different ending from the previous one.
  • I THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU WILL THINK! (MENTAL FORCING): I honestly don't know who to attribute the authorship of this effect to: a friend sent it to me on Whatsapp and told me that he found it online, without giving me other details: whoever the author is, I find it brilliant; I have reported the principle, whereby, even in this case, the effect can be immediately replicated.
  • YOUR LUCKY NUMBER: the original routine is from Banacheck; here I have presented a method that can use any number of cards, and can also be replicated instantly with a minimum change that makes it more difficult, for a more experienced eye, to identify the procedure.
  • THINK OF YOUR NUMBER! : an impromptu routine that can be proposed with coins, tickets, cards ... once, in a street show, I proposed it with a handful of pebbles.

1st edition 2021, PDF 17 pages.
word count: 3689 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text