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Revelations of a Spirit Medium
by unknown

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Revelations of a Spirit Medium by unknown

Spiritualistic mysteries exposed by a medium. A detailed explanation of the methods used by fraudulent mediums.

From the preface:

The author of this book does not consider it a "literary gem," by any means, but claims that it accomplishes the object for which it was written, viz.: gives the reader an expose of the methods pursued by the "spiritual medium" in the various deceptions they practice in their "circles," "sittings," and "seances," which does expose. The author has been a working "medium" for the past twenty years, and is not guessing or theorizing in what he has written. He will experience great pleasure in demonstrating to the scientific and reverend would-be exposers of spiritual phenomena how infinitely wrong have been the theories advanced by them as an explanation of the wonderful manifestations occurring at the seances of the "medium."

This ebook does include notes about who the likely author of this book was. Comments by Harry Price and Eric Dingwall have been inserted as footnotes throughout the ebook.

1st edition 1891, 324 pages; PDF 128 pages.
word count: 70345 which is equivalent to 281 standard pages of text