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7 by Peter Duffie

Automatic Gambler
Created in October 2000 (along with Klectors that is elsewhere in this book) as an impromptu performance piece for the International Magic convention in December of that year. You demonstrate how to stack 4 Aces for a four-handed game. Then, you drop the Aces face up on top of the deck and they instantly vanish. You immediately give the deck to a spectator who now deals, not 4 but 5 hands this time. The face up Aces fall to his hand!

Satanic Writes
You give out a diary to spectator 'A' for close examination. There are playing cards entered throughout with no discernible pattern, or excessive duplication of any card. You bring out a deck of cards which is regular. You remove the Joker and place it in the card case then give the deck to spectator 'B.' He removes three cards - completely free choice. He adds together their values to get a date - say, the 28th August. The spectator with the dairy looks up the date and reads out the card name written there - it might be the AH. Spectator 'A' now deals through the deck but the AH is missing. In fact there are only 51 cards and the AH is the only missing card. You ask him to pick up the card case and tip out the Joker. Instead of the Joker he finds the missing AH!
You now give the diary to spectator 'B' and say, "Let's forget about dates this time. Just open the diary at ANY page and think of ANY card." He does that. Now, you name the card!


A new version of Roy Walton's Collectors created in October 2000. I created this (along with the Automatic Gambler that is elsewhere in this book) as an impromptu performance piece for the International Magic convention in December of that year. It's totally impromptu - and you finish clean.

Jack of All Trade-offs
While this started from a simple play with words, the final result is almost a minimalist version of Dave Campbell's Fred trick. It only uses six cards and there is a twist in the tale...

Off-Centre Point

In Profile magazine, and then later in Duffie's Card Compulsions I published a trick called Centre Point. After the publication of Card Compulsions, I changed the handling to make it more puzzling to the knowing ones.

Laughing Queens
My handling for Roy Walton's classic 'Oil & Queens' from The Devil's Playthings.

Paradise Found
This effect is based on several factors, none of which I can pin down to any one source that actually inspired the routine. The effect is rather Phil Goldstein-like but without anagrams (See Thabbatical for several related ideas). Templates are included with the PDF.

BONUS: Snap Happy
A few years ago I had a video demo of this effect on my website (it's back on again!). The method was never published and I had a lot of email inquiries about the trick. I hope the method is to the liking of those who failed to work it out from watching the video. For those of you who did work it out, perhaps you will find a few nuances that you overlooked.

1st edition 2006; 48 pages
word count: 8076 which is equivalent to 32 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Andrew Loh
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 04 December, 2006

Title: 7 Author: Peter Duffie Category: Cards and mentalism Pages: 48 Price: $15 ------------------------------------------

Here's my honest review of Peter Duffie's new ebook - 7. It's a collection of 7 effects plus a bonus effect which I believe one of the best or favourite in this ebook. This ebook covers both card magic, diary tricks, predictions, etc. Most of the materials are usable.

Without wasting time, I will take some time to break down and review each of the effects as following:

Automatic Gambler ----------------------

This is a very nice routine. I am not a big fan of gambling tricks, but after reading Peter's version, I think I will certainly give it a try. I really like the idea where the Aces vanish visually and spectator deal themselves with the four Aces in their hand which I thought very strong. I like it!

Satanic Writes --------------

Another excellent diary routine from Peter, I should say really amazing or really freak people out! I enjoyed Peter's previous diary tricks such as "Mind Master", "Devious Dates", etc and this one is really something different and it's a very strong routine.

Klektors ---------

This effect is one of the best, very direct and I am a big fan of Walton's The Collectors plot. I have read numerous Peter's version in many sources in his ebooks such as "With cards", "Card School", "Covert Concepts", Jason Alford's "Cyber Sessions", and etc, and I like this version a lot. This version is very direct and definitely will add this routine in my repertoire.

Jack of All Trade-offs ------------------------

A nice routine, it's a prediction effect that based on Dave Campbell's FRED trick. Very easy to do and it's a small packet trick.

Off-Centre Point -------------------

This is something very unique and interesting. In appearance, it seems you share the secret knowledge of locating spectator's selection at its location. At the end, somehow their selection amazingly rises to the of the deck.

Laughing Queens -------------------

When comes to anything related about Oil and Queens by Roy Walton, I will certainly will have the interest of the routine. I watched Peter's Laughing Queens clip quite some few years ago and I liked it. This version eliminates the Hamman Count and it's more streamline. This effect immediately added in my repertoire. I really like it.

Paradise Found -----------------

This routine is very entertaining and combined with the interesting patter. I really like the ending part which I thought it has a surprise climax and it's nice finished for the routine. It's a kind of routine that very enjoyable to perform.

Snap Happy (Bonus Effect) -------------------------------

I think this effect alone worth the price of this ebook and Peter was very kind to offer this as a bonus. I really like this a lot, I have performed this many times with my friends today and the reaction was so overwhelming. This effect is very visual transposition in apperance and best of all, in this effect, it can be done no special setup and as an impromptu nature. Just four cards and you would be able to astonish people with this small packet trick.

There you go and thanks for reading.

In closing, I would like to say one thing, just purchase this ebook and you will not be disappointed. I have added a lot of effects into my repertoire. I believe the materials in this ebook are something for everyone and I am sure there are 4 or 5 effects that you will actually use.

High Recommended!

Ratings: 9/10

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