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Think Link

Overall customer rating: ★★★★★

reviewed by David Burmeister (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Saturday 13 April, 2024)

Think LinkAll I can say is that this is AMAZING!!! I pretty much guessed how this would work because I have bought plenty of other items from THE UNKNOWN MENTALIST but again, THIS EFFECT IS AMAZING. You need to memorize the script by heart which shouldn't be too difficult. When you are done doing that you will definitely floor the sceptics because there doesn't seem like they have given you any information (WHICH THEY HAVEN'T), and yet, you come up with the country they are thinking of. My own thinking is to do this anywhere with people and then later time you can scribble down your thoughts on a clipboard with a prompter list and pull off one of the effects in the GROW DEVILS effect. Since you do this effect propless and a person might witness it they won't think you're cheating in any way with that effect either. I give this A 10 + RATING !!!

Not to change the subject, but, if you do any type of stage or parlor or stage mentalism, BUY the index / PEEK WALLET, THE UNKNOWN MENTALIST IS SELLING. I personally don't have it, but I do have two LARY BECKER's VERSADEX WALLETS at home. When I did shows, years ago before retiring, I used these wallets. They were and are GREAT!!! Imagine a person simply thinks of a word and it's definition in a dictionary and the mentalist writes down his thoughts and they are identical...OR, imagine a spectator thinking of their STAR SIGN, and selects a playing card and the mentalist actually has a prediction on a billet which is 100 % accurate. I have had people actually GASP, when I did either of these effects and I'm sure THE UNKNOWN MENTALIST has equal effects with his BILLET INDEX WALLET. Also, if you still want more effects with THE UNKNOWN MENTALISTS' WALLET, BUY LARRY BECKERS STUNNERS EBOOK from LYBRARY.COM, It will have all the effects that Larry Becker produced, along with their instructions for his products, including the VERSADEX WALLET and many others. Also many other great effects are in the STUNNERS EBOOK. It is worth having. Sorry for this lengthy lecture but I hate to see someone NOT to have this material. It is a GOLDMINE of wealthy INFORMATION!!!