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Richard Kyle

Richard Kyle

Richard Kyle is credited with coining the term "graphic story" or "graphic novel" to describe comic books that told longer and more personal stories. He coined that term in the November 1964 issue of the comics fanzine Capa-Alpha. He published a magazine called Graphic Story World and operated a bookstore in Long Beach, California called the Graphic Story Bookstore, later Richard Kyle Books.

Coauthors: David Alexander

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David Alexander & Richard Kyle
The Magician as Detective by David Alexander & Richard KyleThis product consists of an ebook with two parts and a video. The first part of the ebook is a reproduction of David Alexander's article from the Genii January 2000 issue where he introduced his candidate for Erdnase, Wilbur E. Sanders. The second part is an unpublished booklet titled The S.W. Erdnase Report by Richard Kyle which includes a narrative and several letters to David.

David Alexander and Richard Kyle would speak for hours on the phone exchanging their thoughts, their insights, and their discoveries regarding Erdnase. Richard Kyle would often write a letter to David afterward to memorialize...

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