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Richard Southall

Richard has been performing magic since the 1980s. His main area of interest was in card and coin magic but he also performed children's magic on a children's TV show as well as at parties and schools. His love of close-up magic saw him attain several restaurant residencies. He also published a book on card magic entitled Enigma Variations. Over the last ten years Richard has developed a strong interest in both mentalism and bizarre magic while continuing his interest in cards and coins. Richard has just published a new book on the popular effect known as Fast and Loose, Endless Chain and Loopy Loop.

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Richard Southall
Fast and Noose by Richard Southall

For those who are familiar with the effect called Fast and Loose or the Endless Chain I don't have to tell you what a brilliant effect this is or the impact it has on an audience. It is because of this that Fast and Loose has been performed for at least 400 years. There are other reasons magicians love this effect, it is not only easy to perform but it is also a joy to perform and it can become a part of your EDC. In fact, if you can get your hands on a piece of string or twine you can perform Fast and Loose.

So what makes this ebook different to the many other books on Fast and Loose?...

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