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Rings Supreme Teach-In
by Lewis Ganson & Aldo Colombini


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Rings Supreme Teach-In by Lewis Ganson & Aldo Colombini

This is a wonderful three ring routine developed by Aldo Colombini studying performances by Dai Vernon and Rink, Jay Marshall, Duraty and others. Aldo mixed these influences with his own unique creativity to develop one of the best three ring routines ever developed.

This was part of the famous Ganson Teach-In series originally published by Supreme Magic Inc. Rights are now owned by Martin Breese whom we thank for the kind permission to reproduce this booklet.

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1st edition 1978; original 23 pages; PDF 28 pages.

  1. Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. Requirements
  4. Performance
  5. The Count The Three Rings Are Displayed
  6. The Twisting Move: The Circumference Of Each Ring Is Shown
  7. The Snap Linking Two Rings Become Linked: When Snapped By A Finger
  8. Spinning The Rings: Two Rings Spin Linked To Each Other
  9. Revolve Unlink One Ring Is Revolved Around The Other And Comes Free
  10. Thumbs Link The Rings Link As The Thumbs Are Brought Together
  11. Throw And Unlink A Ring Becomes Unlinked As It Is Tossed Into The Air
  12. The Crash Linking One Ring Is Crashed Down Onto Another And Becomes Linked
  13. Slow-Motion Link The Third Ring Sinks Slowly Down Between The Other Two And Becomes Linked
  14. Fly Up Unlink A Ring Jumps Up, Becomes Unlinked And Flies Into The Air
  15. The Gag Link You Fail To Link The Rings With The Forefinger But Are Successful With The Thumb
  16. Rings Over The Arms A Ring Is Unlinked
  17. Unlink And Penetration A Second Ring Is Unlinked But The First Becomes Linked Again
  18. Spin Unlink One Ring Is Spun Around Another And Flies Off
  19. Ring And Silk A Ring Penetrates A Silk
  20. Two Rings And A Silk The Silk Is Tied To One Ring But The Ring Penetrates The Silk And Becomes Linked To The Other Ring
  21. Three Rings And A Silk The Silk, Knotted On One Ring, Comes Free As The Three Rings Becomes Linked
  22. Unlinking Three Rings All Three Rings Become Unlinked
  23. Conclusion

word count: 5117 which is equivalent to 20 standard pages of text