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Rink Goes Loop La-La
by Ken de Courcy


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Rink Goes Loop La-La by Ken de Courcy

From the introduction:

"Rink (van Rinkhuyzen) of Holland has a keen trick brain. Like most of the great magical inventors, he individualises every effect he obtains and, if he likes it, he continues to work on it. The result; a string of often unbelievable variations that astounds everyone, including the man who invented it.

Some time ago, Supreme marketed Tommy Talbot's "Loop La-La", an amusing little thing with two unfaked rope loops. As it stood, it was basically a compere gag. It could be repeated over and over again, but there was no build-up, and no end.

Rink took "Loop La-La" and carried the principle to much greater lengths, which we felt would be of tremendous interest to all magicians. The apparatus is easily made and it would be quite possible to perform all the variations one after the other, so making a "Loopy" interlude.

And, equally important, this manuscript forms a blueprint showing how a man can produce better magic by the application of thought and experimental handling of the apparatus.

Ken de Courcy"

The basic effect is as follows - You have two chained colored loops pending from your hand. The loops are of different color. For an example suppose that the upper one is red and the lower one is white. You pull several times the lowest loop to show it is inside the other. Then, suddenly, at your will the two loops change position: the white one became the upper one and the red one became the lower.

In the manuscript several variations follow ... one more bewildering and baffling than the preceding ... You begin with two loops and add one by one other colored loops ending with FIVE loops!

  • Tommy Talbot's "Loop La -La"
  • Rink's No-Can-Do Move
  • Rink's Double-Double
  • Rink's Looped Stick
  • Rink's One-Handed Looped Stick
  • Rink's Up-Loop
  • Rink's Up-Loop For The Pocket
  • Rink's Triple Loop
  • Rink's "Loop La-La-La-La!"
  • Loop-La-La (A)
  • Loop-La-La (B)
  • Loop La-La (C)
Discover the creative fantasy of Rink in this interesting manuscript. This is practical material that you will surely perform.

1st digital edition 2014, 17 pages.
word count: 2835 which is equivalent to 11 standard pages of text