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Ronald Wood

Ronald Wood

Ronnie started magic at a very early age after his Grandad taught him a trick about attaching a half full matchbox to his wrist with an elastic band. His teenage years were filled with visits to his local library hiring and rehiring The Complete Illustrated Book Of Close Up Magic.

When, in his twenties, and after a chance meeting with Steven Hamilton in Roy Walton's shop in Glasgow, Ronnie left magic tricks and focused on cards.

Putting Walter Gibson's book aside and taking up The Royal Road To Card Magic, he became obsessed with sleight of hand card work. With Steve Hamilton and Roy Walton recommending what books to study it wasn't long before he was working in Glasgow restaurants and pubs performing close up magic. As an avid fan of Dai Vernon's early work, this influenced Ronnie to start taking notes of his effects. Taking notes on what worked. Taking notes on what natural movements could be replacing certain sleights.

Recently Ronnie decided to start transferring those notes into book form. You WILL be hearing more from him.

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Ronald Wood

Everyone Picks The Aces by Ronald WoodCooking instructions:

Open a Larry Jennings packet. Sprinkle a little from a Roy Walton packet. Add a full pack mixture of 52 cards and a little audience participation.

Cook for an entertaining 3 to 4 minutes for a delicious, fun tasting yummy routine.

For an extra mouth watering enticement! Add two (YES! TWO!) little beautiful BONUS impromptu Yummies!

1st edition 2015, 9 pages.

2015 / 4 / 26

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Ronald Wood

Impossible by Ronald WoodWhat is Impossible?

Impossible is a tried and tested workable effect that will stun your audience! (Especially if one of them asks you 'that' IMPOSSIBLE question!) "Can we shuffle the cards? Can we just cut to and look at a card? Can YOU find that card?"

Ronald Wood presents Impossible. A card effect that shows your audience nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.

1st edition 2014, 11 pages.

2014 / 7 / 1

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Ronald Wood

Queens Quartet by Ronald WoodQueens Quartet is a 4 part routine that uses the Queens to find selected cards in different and novel ways.

The routine can be performed as three individual effects (the fourth effect doesn't work itself) or as a whole. In performing the routine as a whole, you will find that each effect has been created to lead automatically into the next one, producing an act that "flows" from start to finish.

You will need to be able to do the following techniques:

  • Magicians Choice force
  • Mock Pass
  • Braue Add On Move
  • Bro. John Hamman's Packet Switch

1st edition 2014, 9 pages.

2014 / 5 / 20

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Ronald Wood

Cards and Strangers by Ronald WoodCards and Strangers contains six effects that will make your audience sit up, take notice, and want more.

These effects aren't just magical. They are entertaining! And isn't that what we get paid for?

Every effect in this ebook has been set on rules! They must be entertaining, have not too many sleights (but NOT self working) and can be performed in the hands. All too often there isn't space on the table to perform or sometimes no table. As American magician Paul Lelekis states in the Forward.

"The number of tricks out there that can be performed completely in the hands can "fit on the head of...
2014 / 5 / 9

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