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Rubix Square

by Luke Jermay
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Rubix Square by Luke Jermay

In 1980 the Rubik's Cube craze swept across Europe. Recently Rubik's Cube has seen a sort of revival and one can find them again more frequently in toy stores and as corporate give-aways. This is a remarkable routine combining a Rubik's Cube effect with a magic square effect.


The performer begins by removing a Rubik’s Cube and handing it to a spectator to mix. This cube is mixed until the spectator is happy that there could be no possible way of predicting the mixture of the cube. The cube is then handed to the performer. The performer then studies the cube and one side at a time pauses for a moment muttering something under his breath. Seemingly the performer is committing the configuration of the cube to memory at break neck speed.

The cube is then handed back to the spectator and wrapped in a bandana/handkerchief to ensure that the performer cannot see the cube throughout what will follow. The performer calls for a 'target time' to be set by another audience member explaining that:

"The world record is 20 seconds. I am not a record breaker, however my personal best is 78 seconds. I would like to beat that by at least 10 seconds this evening. What target time will you set me?"

The target time is set by the spectator who is then handed a stopwatch to ensure the performer stays within the target time. The performer explains he will tell the spectator when to begin the stopwatch and after that point, the spectator is to call out at every ten second interval.

The performer removes a board from his case and begins writing numbers in a configuration that looks very much like a Rubik’s cube, explaining:

"These are calculations that basically relate to how to move the cube for what I am trying to do. Start the stopwatch."

The performer now removes a second cube and begins turning and twisting the cube. The spectator timing the performer calls out at every ten-second interval. Just under the target time, the performer stops and places the cube on the table. It is not solved.

The performer now explains:

"I wasn’t trying to solve my cube; I was actually trying to match your cube."

The two cubes are compared and it is seen that each side of the cube matches the original perfectly. This is the first guaranteed applause break in the performance. The performer cuts the spectators’ applause and continues walking toward the board:

"These calculations were actually not really linked to the cube. It was another challenge I had set myself."

The performer asks the spectator her target time once again. The performer writes the target time on the lower part of the board. The performer now reveals that the numbers on the board, when added, total the target time. This is repeated, showing that every combination of numbers adds to the target time - proof that men can indeed multitask.

You will also get Luke's Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory as part of this download. However, don't be mistaken, this routine is largely based on magic methods, and not on any tough memory work.
1st edition 2008; 12 pages.

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