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Sam's Scrapbook 3
by Sam Dalal

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Sam's Scrapbook 3 by Sam Dalal

This is my third Scrapbook composed in this month (March 2023). Even though when I mull over my commercial effects and magazine contributions from the decades gone by, the volume of material seems ample for a few more.

But everything I wrote or created is not worth recording or re-publishing in this collection. I found two big files chock-a-block full of the magazine articles I wrote for most of the magic magazines in the 1970's and 80's. About 2/3rds of these are not worth republishing, being my ideas on some dealer prop I purchased, or another magazine article. They would serve no purpose other than filling up a few more pages.

Those of my magazine contributions that I have included in this series of Scrapbooks are only ones that I felt had some idea or concept worth recording, as in most magic books. When I started this volume, I thought I would devote it exclusively to my commercial mental magic, or my magazine contributions of this nature. The majority of these contents reflect this. But I came across a few others, and not being sure of publishing another volume in this series, I included those as well. There are already several of my instruction booklets, books and the complete Swami and Mantra magazines available as eBooks from

In the earlier volumes, I only gave items that had been published or marketed. In this volume, I have also included my Unfinished business an idea I have worked on for 3 decades, and if properly implemented would be well worth the price of this entire series. There are also ideas like the Challenge Predictions, which were just ideas, with handicaps on practical application when conceived, but which are very practical today. I have also detailed the construction of a couple of items like my Switcher envelope, which we have sold as described in 1000s, and also supplied several 1000 more as an accessory to some to pitch with their lecture notes or tricks for effects devised with this.

  • Introduction
  • Sam's Switcher
  • Dicey Dimensions
  • Point Of Focus
  • The Magic of Mohammed Bey
  • Sam's Spell-Bound
  • Dice and ESP
  • Russian Chance
  • Old Wine
  • Xerognum 007
  • The Moving Finger
  • A Unique Directory Prediction
  • Unanimous in Choice
  • Marvelous PK Ring
  • Pick-A-Colour Plumes
  • Streamline Rising Cards
  • Unfinished business-TGMOABT
  • Women can Tell
  • Challenge Predictions
  • Finger Flinger
  • Concept 203
  • Bulls Eye
  • Migrating Discs
  • Predi-x-ion Deck
  • With Love From The Mrs
  • The Truth About Watergate
  • The Long Shot
  • I Betchya

1st edition 2023, PDF 76 pages.
word count: 39996 which is equivalent to 159 standard pages of text