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Sandwich Mr. Daley?
by Satish B

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Sandwich Mr. Daley? by Satish B

The four aces are openly removed and tossed onto the table. A card is chosen by the spectator and lost in the deck. The spectator chooses either the red or black aces to proceed. Let us assume he chose the red aces. The magician proclaims that as he waves the red aces over the deck, the chosen card will appear sandwiched between the aces. After a couple of attempts, nothing happens. Then the red aces turn into two jokers. When the deck is spread, the red aces are found reversed with the chosen card sandwiched between them. As a parting shot, the chosen card is found to be predicted on the back of the card box.

I am a sucker for transposition effects. If the transposition is unexpected, all the more better. It adds high impact and is akin to real magic. In this spectacular trick, you get a card sandwich, ace transposition and a killer prediction, all rolled into a stunning routine.

1st edition 2020, PDF 12 pages.
word count: 2780 which is equivalent to 11 standard pages of text