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Scarne on Cards
by John Scarne


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Scarne on Cards by John Scarne
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How to win at Poker, Gin, Pinochle, Blackjack and many other games.

Scarne on Cards is not only a fundamental reference and rule ebook; it is a dependable guide for anyone who wants to avoid being victimized by cheating and sharp practice, and for anyone who wants to play a better game and thereby improve his chances of winning.

"John Scarne is to games what Dr. Einstein is to advanced physics." - John Lardner, in Newsweek

"John Scarne is the most expert exponent of wonderful card effects and table work that I have ever seen in my life." - Nate Leipzig

"John Scarne's one-man expose has saved G.I. Joe millions a month. Scarne is the most artistic manipulator of cards within memory of living man." - The Saturday Evening Post

"Scarne knows every turn and twist of his craft. His technical mastery is unsurpassed." - John N. Hilliard

"You have done a great service both to your country and to the members of the armed forces." - Admiral Ernest J. King

"John Scarne is America's top card magician." - Walter Winchell

  • CHAPTER ONE: Introductory
  • CHAPTER TWO: Card Cheats and Their Methods
  • CHAPTER THREE: Marked Cards
  • CHAPTER FOUR: The Only Player You Can't Beat
  • CHAPTER FIVE: Can Luck Beat Skill?
  • CHAPTER SIX: Poker—According to Scarne
  • CHAPTER SEVEN: Draw Poker and Its Variations
  • CHAPTER EIGHT: Stud Poker and Its Variations
  • CHAPTER NINE: Poker Odds and Probabilities
  • CHAPTER TEN: Cheating at Poker
  • CHAPTER ELEVEN: Strategy at Poker
  • CHAPTER TWELVE: The Dealer Who Moves Without Getting Up
  • CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Other Rummy Games I
  • CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Other Rummy Games II
  • CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Scarne's Rules for Gin Rummy
  • CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: The Play of the Hand at Gin Rummy
  • CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: Cheating at Gin Rummy
  • CHAPTER NINETEEN: Skarney: The World's Best Rummy Game
  • CHAPTER TWENTY: Black Jack or Twenty-One
  • CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE: The Mathematics of Black Jack
  • CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO: Cheating at Black Jack
  • CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE: Chemin de Fer and Other Games
  • CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR: Faro or Faro bank
  • CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE: Stuss, Red Dog and Other Faro Variants
  • CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX: Card Craps, Farmer and Other Games
  • CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN: Pinochle—General Rules
  • CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT: Two-Handed Pinochle
  • CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE: Three-Handed and Four-Handed Pinochle
  • CHAPTER THIRTY: Partnership Pinochle and Other Variations
  • CHAPTER THIRTY-ONE: Cheating at Pinochle
  • CHAPTER THIRTY-FOUR: Pitch or Setback
  • CHAPTER THIRTY-SIX: Kalabrias, Klobiosh, Klabberjass, or Klob
  • CHAPTER THIRTY-SEVEN: Hearts According to Scarne and Regular Hearts

revised edition 1974; PDF 619 pages.
word count: 225911 which is equivalent to 903 standard pages of text

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