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Scripted #2: Malini Egg Bag
by Larry Brodahl

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Scripted #2: Malini Egg Bag by Larry Brodahl

A script, analysis, and performance video showing how entertaining and mystifying a trick the Egg Bag can be. And without using the "Hide the egg under my arm" type gags.

One of the more difficult tasks facing magicians is coming up with scripts - of any sort. But it's even harder for tricks that have no preset routine - such as the Egg Bag. How do you explain to an audience in a reasonable manner how and why you're doing this? How do you make this magical? How do you create the climax? And how do you do this without retreading old ideas, such as the "fake hide-theegg-under-the-arm gag"?

Well, the author of How To Write A Script shows you how he used his methodology to write a script that for seven minutes keeps audiences of any age enthralled and amazed.

This ebook and the video of a live performance gives you every line, joke, piece of timing, setup and nuance of the routine. The ebook also takes you through the steps of script writing used to create this seven minute routine of very visual, understandable, and fun magic. With minimal alterations, which are also explained, the routine has been performed for audiences of all types.

You will need to own:

  1. a Malini Egg bag. Preferably red.
  2. an appropriate egg. Either blown empty or purchased.
Sources for both the egg and the egg bag are given.

1st edition 2016, 29 pages + video.