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Sealed Mysteries
by Burling Hull


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Sealed Mysteries by Burling Hull

This is one of the earliest publications which has Burling Hull's Svengali deck described. Hull called it originally the "Cards Mysterious". Even in this early publication he complains about unauthorized copies being sold by unscrupulous dealers. A hundred years later and nothing has changed. We still have magic retailers and manufacturers producing and selling illegal and unauthorized copies of magic products.

One thing has changed though over the last 100 years - the use of Bicycle cards. Hull writes:

One of the objections to the trick is that the design of the backs are that of Bicycle Cards which are rarely used by the amateur and never used by the professional as they are not suited to magical manipulation.

Burling Hull describes several other effects with gimmicked cards and gimmicked envelopes. One uses a card with a reflecting back which today could easily be realized with a piece of mylar stuck to a card. I also found his way of handling wax quite interesting.

  1. To The Fraternity
  2. Introductory
  3. The Goblin Aces
  4. Warrings Card Principle
  5. Satan's Secret
  6. Novel Card Discovery
  7. The Monte Cristo Cards
  8. Substitute For Pass
  9. Houdin's Dream Improved
  10. - Burling-Hull Method
  11. The Thayer Card Rising Tray
  12. New Changing Spot Cards
  13. The Photo Sprite
  14. The Sealed Letter Test
  15. - Extracts "Behind The Scenes"
  16. - Explanation Of The Effect Described
  17. - The Burling Hull Improved Letter Test
  18. - Additional Hints
  19. The Fourteen Inventions In Self Forcing Methods
  20. The Improved "Cards Mysterious"
  21. - The Hoax Of 1909
  22. The Devil's Pass And Improvements
  23. "Electra" (The Trance Cards)
  24. The Fly Away Card Trick
  25. Announcement

1st edition 1911; original 32 pages; PDF 36 pages.
word count: 14823 which is equivalent to 59 standard pages of text