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How Gamblers Win - Secrets of Advantage Playing
by Gerritt M. Evans

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How Gamblers Win - Secrets of Advantage Playing by Gerritt M. Evans

This is a pre-Erdnase description of moves and ruses to cheat at the card table by an unnamed 'retired professional'. However, Bart Whaley's research revealed that this retired professional was Gerrit M. Evans, that his real name was most likely Edward M. Grandin and that Evans/Grandin was not a professional gambler. (Bart is working on an upcoming book about Evans - The Mysterious Gambler.)

This ebook was created from the 1868 edition. There is also an earlier 1865 edition. The 1868 faked edition drops the name of the author who is, of course, Evans/Grandin, pretends that the "anonymous" author is a "retired" gambler, which of course, Evans/Grandin was not, and adds a section giving an incorrect description of "Three Card Monte".

The description reads:

A complete and scientific expose of the manner of playing all the various advantages in the games of poker, all-fours, euchre, vingt-un, whist, cribbage, etc., as practiced by professional gamblers upon the uninitiated. Together with a brief analysis of legitimate play. By a retired professional.

1st edition 1865, 2nd edition 1868; original 112 pages; PDF 48 reformatted pages.

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction - The Origin of Cards
  3. Bluff, Or Poker
  4. The Square Game
  5. Top Stock
  6. The Bottom Stock
  7. The Jog Stock
  8. The Palm Stock
  9. Running Up Two Hands
  10. Flushes, Fulls And Fours
  11. Strippers
  12. Briefs
  13. "Second" Dealing
  14. Bottom Dealing
  15. Crimping
  16. Cold Decks
  17. Holding Out
  18. False Shuffles
  19. False Cuts
  20. Shifting The Cut
  21. Convexes And Reflectors
  22. "Paper"
  23. Of Partnerships
  24. Draw Poker
  25. Stocking For A Draft
  26. Double Discard
  27. Shifting The Cut After Dealing
  28. The "Bug"
  29. Running Up Hands
  30. Marked Cards
  31. Seven-Up, Or High, Low Jack
  32. The Half-Stock
  33. The Whole Stock
  34. Crimping
  35. Marking The Edges
  36. Strippers
  37. Briefs
  38. The High Hand
  39. Holding Out And Dealing Seven Cards
  40. Turning Jack From The Bottom
  41. Paper
  42. Euchre
  43. The High Hand
  44. Vingt-Un, Or Twenty-One
  45. Whist
  46. Cribbage
  47. The Value Of "Paper" To The Gambler
  48. Loaded Dice
  49. Dice Tops
  50. Dead Props
  51. A Few Specimens Of Card-Sharping
  52. Valedictory

word count: 24652 which is equivalent to 98 standard pages of text

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