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Selfworking Contactless ACAAN
by Biagio Fasano

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Selfworking Contactless ACAAN by Biagio Fasano

A.C.A.A.N. effects are a genre of effects now considered classics in card magic and mentalism, ever since David Berglas, who precisely first proposed a legendary version of it, called it "Any card At Any Number."

The idea of trying to write this special eBook came about while I was preparing my Contactless Automatic Card At Number series of Volumes (now at 6 Volumes) and experimenting in particular with the possibility of creating new automatic effects by making use of various stacks, including Si Stebbins and my VR Stack Pro (see Vol. 2 & 3):

From here to examining the Si Stebbins Pro, devised by Dr. Hans Christian Solka, was a short step, and with pleasure I soon verified that some unique effects could be devised, allowed exclusively by this special deck preorder. I then wrote to Dr. Solka, submitting to him a draft of my first effect, "Creative ACAAN Pro" and asking his permission to write an eBook dedicated to this kind of effect that would require and take advantage of his fantastic Si Stebbins Pro stack.

To my enormous joy and personal satisfaction, he not only agreed and allowed me to present to you what you are about to read, but he gave me an authoritative personal opinion of it, telling me,

"...This volume, Self-Working Contactless Card At Number Pro, contains material of great quality. The first trick is amazing!"

And thanks to Dr. Solka, I can submit these 3 unpublished and exclusive effects for your attention:

Creative A.C.A.A.N. Pro

Introducing a deck of playing cards, the illusionist removes the jokers and, after shuffling it, hands it to a spectator who cuts it at will. He then explains that he will soon turn over 3 cards: the first 2 will be used to determine the value and seed of a randomly generated card, while the third will help determine a number. Amazingly, the spectator will find exactly in the position indicated by that number, the chosen card!


The conjurer shuffles a deck of cards and passes it to a spectator, who cuts it at will; he then explains that he will have to turn over 3 cards whose values will allow a certain number of cards to be stacked on the table, in a position below each one, the last of which will in turn be turned face up. Just as in the famous Tetris video game, by examining the classic "Tetromino" (flat figure consisting of four identical squares connected to each other along the sides) in the shape of an inverted T, a random number and a card will thus be determined, which incredibly, by counting from the rest of the deck to the indicated position, will be magically found!

Any Color Card At Any MAGIC Number (A.C.C.A.A. M.N.)

The magician shuffles the deck and hands it to a spectator who cuts it at will. He then explains to him that he will soon randomly generate a card and a MAGIC number, but he will be allowed to decide the color of his card first: Red or Black. After cutting the deck one last time, he turns over the top cards until he finds a suitable pair to indicate a suit of his chosen color and a value of a CARD. Next, the spectator will stack a series of cards on each of the 5 squares of cardboard provided to him, forming the word "MAGIC," until a NUMBER is indicated by that procedure. The magician will then point out how truly MAGIC and bordering on the impossible it would be if at that chance-generated NUMBER, from the top of the remaining deck the very CARD of choice would now be found And that will be exactly what happens, to the amazement of the audience!

1st edition 2022, PDF 13 pages.
word count: 4781 which is equivalent to 19 standard pages of text

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