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Sensational Tales of Mystery Men
by Will Goldston


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Sensational Tales of Mystery Men by Will Goldston

Stories and anecdotes of the Who's Who of magic in the early 20th century. Several are about Houdini.

  • An Introduction
  • Foreword
  • The Truth About The Zancigs
  • The Tragedy Of Hanco
  • When G. W. Hunter Dried Up
  • How Denny And Will Goldston Escaped Gaol
  • The Truth Of Horace Goldin's Arrest
  • The Cornells And Their Ghastly Publicity Stunt
  • The Strangeness Of Lafayette
  • Dante Perplexed
  • Dante's Experience In Russia
  • Muller The Mystic
  • Was Chung Ling Soo Murdered?
  • A Handcuff Escape That Went Wrong
  • Ceeley And The Naked Lady
  • Frank Van Hoven's Tragic Failure
  • Frank Van Hoven And A Fellow Artist's Wife
  • Wishart And The Dead Body
  • Raymond And The Undertaker
  • What Hannen Swaffer Told The Magic Circle
  • The M.P. Who Does Magic
  • The Prince Who Stabbed His Partner
  • A Foreword On Houdini
  • My First Encounter With Houdini
  • Houdini And The Magical Illusions
  • Houdini's Film Failure
  • Houdini At The Palladium
  • Houdini At Manchester
  • A Regrettable Incident
  • The Houdini Packing Case Escape
  • Houdini And "The Unmasking Of Robert Houdin"
  • Houdini Objects To Someone Else's Boost
  • Did Houdini Fail?
  • Is Houdini Earth Bound?
  • Is Bessie Houdini A Cheat?
  • Maurice And The Girl In The Car
  • The Great Maurice And A New Illusion
  • How Magic Is Accepted In Nigeria
  • Murray - His Greatest Escape
  • How Zomah Delayed A Murder
  • Carl Hertz The Imitator
  • The World's Cheapest Theatre
  • Hertz And His Monte Carlo Syndicate
  • Carl Hertz And The Bird Cage
  • Harry Kellar's Search For A Successor
  • Was John Nevil Maskelyne A Genius?
  • The Mystery Of My Resignation From The Magic Circle
  • David Devant - The Master Magician
  • My Impromptu Act
  • The Battle Of The Pierrots
  • My Cemetery Adventure
  • An Error That Cost £1,000
  • Will Goldston's Spy Service
  • My Quickest Vanish
  • A Confession By Will Goldston

1st edition 1929, 251 pages; digital edition 2018, 140 pages.
word count: 50629 which is equivalent to 202 standard pages of text