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by John Scarne


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Skarney by John Scarne
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From the back cover:

John Scarne, the world's foremost game authority, proudly presents Skarney, his new fantastic card game creation. Skarney is the first really new basic card game concept of this century. It can be played in 30 different ways, each a terrific game in itself. In fact, additional strategy, excitement and flavor are added to each new game played. Skarney is not only a true partnership game, but a true single-handed game that can be played by two to six players, each playing for himself. It has bluff as in Poker, scores like Canasta, and is played like no other game. It has the flavor of Pinochle, the partnership understanding of Bridge, and barks wildly like Gin Rummy. And, whithal, it has an inner world and logic of its own, taxing the capacity of the most skilled card player.

In his ebook, the author explains the rules of play for all 30 Skarney games and not only gives countless tips, hints, bluffs and subterfuges for winning play, but also gives the mathematical probabilities, tactics and strategy for expert play.

1st edition 1967; PDF 88 pages.
word count: 29865 which is equivalent to 119 standard pages of text

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