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The Amazing World of John Scarne
by John Scarne

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The Amazing World of John Scarne by John Scarne
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The Amazing World of John Scarne holds revelations and experiences in gambling, magic, carnival and show business; together with startling disclosures about hypnotism, extra-sensory perception and other mental effects.

The once world's number one expert on gambling tells in this no-punches-pulled, startlingly frank book the whole inside story of gambling, and reveals all the dodges, gimmicks and tricks used by cheaters at dice, cards, roulette and other games of chance. His sensational revelations extend also to magic and escape tricks, to the chicaneries of carnivals and even to the blasting of mindreading, hypnotism, extra-sensory perception and other such pseudo-psychic and occult theories.

This is Scarne's life story, and in it he tells not only how he achieved his unique position as the authority, the only arbiter respected and trusted by all in the gambling world, but also a host of wonderful true stories about his experiences and the many outstanding personalities he came to know in the gambling, magic, carnival and show business worlds. There are dramatic incidents with Nick the Greek, Arnold Rothstein, Nate Leipzig, Houdini, Thurston; hilariously funny accounts of his adventures with Titanic Thompson, Willie Moretti, Bugsy Siegel, Evil Eye Finkle; fascinating episodes with General Arnold, Paderewski, Jimmy Bradock, Conrad Hilton, Governor Munoz Marin and many others - famous and infamous.

It is a most unusual American success story, with excitement on every page not only for those who play cards, shoot craps or gamble occasionally; for all who are interested in telepathy and other mental effects; but also for everyone who likes entertainment and want to know what's behind the secenes.

  • Publisher's Note
  • Contents
  • 1 The Fledgling Years: A Decision Is Made
  • 2 Inside A Crooked Gambling Supply House
  • 3 Carnival Experience
  • 4 Arnold Rothstein, et al: A Bid To Join New York's Gambling Fraternity
  • 5 Meeting The Greats Of Magic Houdini, Thurston, Leipzig
  • 6 Charlatans And Fakirs, And The Houdini - Rahman Bey Rivalry
  • 7 Hypnotism, Extra-Sensory Perception, And Psychokinesis Are Fakes
  • 8 Show Business - Boxing And Gambling - The World's Heavyweight Championship
  • 9 My Crusade Against Dice And Card Cheaters During World War II
  • 10 My Greatest Performance
  • 11 Gamblers, Racketeers, And The Mafia
  • 12 Mission In The Caribbean
  • 13 Teeko, Scar-Nee, And I.Q. Solitaire - The Greatest Achievement Of My Life

1st edition 1956; PDF 435 pages
word count: 142027 which is equivalent to 568 standard pages of text

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