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Slydini Encores
by Leon Nathanson & Tony Slydini

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Slydini Encores by Leon Nathanson & Tony Slydini

This volume can be considered the continuation of The Magic of Slydini. Here, Slydini reveals for the first time two devilish sleights the Imp-Pass and the Revolve-Vanish. These enable some of his most characteristic routines.

Excerpt from the editor's preface:

Slydini is a superb performer not only because he has an inspired imagination and the infinite patience to practice until he can perform automatically - one could say by reflex - but because he is a first class psychologist, a student of human nature. The knowledge he has acquired of how and why people think, feel and react, he has applied to his presentations; combining that knowledge with split-second timing, he has developed a unique technique which has justly earned him the title of "Mr. Misdirection."

  • Introduction
  • Thank You!
  • Author's Preface
  • Editor's Notes
  • Imp-Pass
  • Revolve-Vanish
  • One Coin Routine
  • Prediction In Red
  • Capricious Cornucopia
  • Ball Vanish In The Hands
  • Purse Of Aladdin
  • Long And Short Of It
  • Wrong Way Coins
  • Sweet Salt
  • Interlude With A Paper Napkin
  • Cigarette Re-Incarnation
  • Two Cigarettes From One
  • Unpredictable Coins
  • Paper Balls Over The Head
  • Thumb-Tipping

1st edition 1966, 157 pages; PDF 91 pages.
word count: 19219 which is equivalent to 76 standard pages of text