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The Best of Slydini ... and more (Text & Photos)
by Karl Fulves & Tony Slydini


(2 reviews, 8 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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The Best of Slydini ... and more (Text & Photos) by Karl Fulves & Tony Slydini

This ebook includes both the text and the photos of the original two volume hardcover set. Each of the almost 1000 photos is available twice. The first time the photos appear dispersed through the text close to where each photo is first mentioned. And the second time all photos are together in one place, the same way this material was originally published - text and photos separate. Having the photos included with the text avoids the constant reference to another volume. But having them also together by themselves allows for a stop-motion-like viewing of the action.

It is easy to sing the praises for Slydini. He was one of the most influential close-up magicians of recent history. Probably nobody sufficiently knowledgeable in magic will dispute this. The only other names which I would mention in the same breath are Dai Vernon, Edward Marlo and Arturo Ascanio. (I am excluding any living masters from this list or magicians far into the past.) Slydini had this incredible smooth style and lovable personality. He also created his very unique method of misdirection, which Karl Fulves has tried to capture in this volume. You will find several legendary routines and effective moves.

The continuation of this work can be found in The Magical World of Slydini.

Studying Slydini is a lifelong task. His teachings are rich and not necessarily easily accessible or understandable. This ebook is one of the cornerstones of studying Slydini. (Another one which goes deeper into the meaning and reasoning behind Slydini's misdirection is The Master of Misdirection by his student D. Angelo Ferri).

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • SLYDINI - A Brief Biography
  • 1. Basic Precepts
    • Slydini's Secret of Entertaining Audiences
    • The Basic Starting Position
    • The Eyes
    • Notes on Natural Magic
    • Developing Grace
    • Coordination
    • Noise
    • Some General Observations
    • To Conclude
  • 2. Easy Routines and Moves
    • Sightless Vision
    • Mongolian Clock
    • Impromptu Miracle
    • A Note
    • Psychology - Too Good to Be True
    • The Sweep Technique
    • Sleeving
    • The Sleeving Switch
    • A Direct Palm
    • Slydini on the Mock Pass
  • 3. Basic Moves
    • The Fake Take
    • The Fake Drop
    • Applying the Moves
    • Another Routine
    • More on Coordination
    • Coordination - An Example
    • Leave and Take
  • 4. Fundamental Concepts of Slydini's Magic
    • Slydini's Concept of Misdirection
    • Invisible Sleights
    • Misdirection
    • The Retrieval
    • The Handling of the Misdirection Vanish
    • Miniature Misdirection
    • Timing
    • Applying the Concept of Timing
    • Timing - A Simple Routine
    • Producing the Ball by Timing
    • The Revolve
    • Details of The Revolve
    • The Imp Pass
  • 5. Applying the Concepts
    • First Routine
    • Second Routine Vanish and Production of a Ring
    • Third Routine
    • Fourth Routine Vanish and Recovery of a Glass
    • Notes on the Handling
  • 6. More Slydini Moves
    • The Han Ping Chien Move
    • Slydini Technique for Palming a Cigarette
    • Copter Control
  • 7. The Purse Frame
  • 8. Two Cigarette Routines
    • Destroyed and Restored Cigarette
    • Torn and Restored Lit Cigarette
  • 9. Slydini's Coin Classics
    • Six Coins and English Penny
    • Six Coins and a Ring
    • Six Coins
    • Four Coin Routine
    • Two Coin Routine
    • One Coin Routine
  • 10. The Helicopter Card
  • 11. Paper Balls Over the Head
  • 12. Poetry in Magic: The Close-Up Cigarette Production
  • 13. New Card Moves
    • Drop Steal
    • Flat Tabled Palm
    • Card Mates
    • Card Mates - The Repeat
  • 14. Paper Balls in the Box
  • 15. Bonus Chapter
    • Gypsy Thread Trick
    • Production of a Glass of Liquid
    • The Slydini Switch

1st edition 1976, 234 pages; 1st digital edition 2015, 420 pages.
word count: 70714 which is equivalent to 282 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Piero Giani (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 13 July, 2022

Fantastic, very well explained and with all the pictures A book like this cannot be missed by fans of the genre. It is written as if taken by the hand and shown and taught as a child, the beauty and tailor-made techniques of Slydini.

Reviewed by Christian Beer (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 23 May, 2022

I'm very glad Lybrary offers the opportunity to still get hands on this marvellous piece of insight on how to perform great magic by the amazing Slydini. Slydini is one of the best resources on how to direct attention of an audience and I'm looking forward to apply some of the learnings offered in this book. Great shout out to Lybrary for making it possible!