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The Magical World of Slydini (Text & Photos)
by Karl Fulves & Tony Slydini


(5 customer ratings) ★★★★

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The Magical World of Slydini (Text & Photos) by Karl Fulves & Tony Slydini

This is the continuation of Best of Slydini ... and more.

As the first volume, this ebook includes both the text and the photos of the original two volume hardcover set. Each of the more than 1300 photos is available twice. The first time the photos appear dispersed through the text close to where each photo is first mentioned. And the second time all photos are together in one place, the same way this material was originally published - text and photos separate. Having the photos included with the text avoids the constant reference to another volume. But having them also together by themselves allows for a stop-motion-like viewing of the action.

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • 1 Close-Up Miracles
    • Sweet Salt
    • Sugar Express
    • Encore Sponge Balls
    • Reincarnation
  • 2 Slydini On Rope Magic
    • Slydini's Cut Rope
    • Equal-Unequal Ropes
    • Slydini's Rope Knots
  • 3 Cards In Close-Up
    • Slydini's Wild Card
    • The Slydini Aces
    • Slydini's Table Shift
    • The Slydini Invisible Pass
    • The Slydini Switch II
  • 4 The Torn and Restored Newspaper
  • 5 More Slydini Coin Classics
    • Encore Coins
    • Wrong Way Coins
    • Gemini Coins
    • A Coin Gag
    • Sliding Silver
  • 6 The Coin Clip
  • 7 Slydini's Silk Knots
    • Houdini Silks
    • Splitting The Knot
  • 8 Slydini's Sympathetic Silks
  • 9 Slydini Close-Up Classics
    • The Ring On The String
    • The Torn and Restored Napkin Corner
  • 10 Slydini's Linking Rings
  • Photos Only

1st edition 1979, 277 pages; 1st digital edition 2016, 539 pages.
word count: 68699 which is equivalent to 274 standard pages of text