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Slydini's Cigarette Magic
by D. Angelo Ferri

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Slydini's Cigarette Magic by D. Angelo Ferri

In Dennis' own words:

My manuscript on Slydini's Cigarette Magic teaches all of his major cigarette routines including his Cigarette Fantasy; a production of un-lit cigarettes performed to music. With the exception of his 'Torn & Restored Lit Cigarette', all of the routines employ un-lit filter-less cigarettes. (Either Lucky Strikes or Camels are recommended.)

A study of Slydini's Cigarette Magic will introduce the student to Slydini timing patterns, the concept of performing a necessary mechanic when the mind of the observer is mentally at rest, and Slydini's System of Movement (The Body Takes the Hand).

This manuscript is recommended to those magicians wishing to add some classic cigarette magic to their repertoire. Given that Slydini's Magic is based upon guiding principles that do not change from 'trick to trick' the student will also be learning disciplines that will be applied to other Slydini routines. This manuscript contains over 100 instructional photographs, instruction on the Slydini Cigarette Palm, the Cigarette Steal (which makes the production of un-lit cigarettes possible), Slydini's Torn and Restored Cigarette Routines, with both lit and un-lit cigarettes, Slydini's Two Cigarettes From one and his Appearing and Disappearing Match.

1st edition 2003; 86 pages.
word count: 32518 which is equivalent to 130 standard pages of text