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Paper Balls in the Box
by D. Angelo Ferri

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Paper Balls in the Box by D. Angelo Ferri

Dennis writes:

Slydini's Paper Balls in the Box is the first miracle I ever saw my teacher perform. His performance compelled me to give up everything I knew about magic and seek him out for lessons. This routine will teach the student many guiding principles such as:

  • the body takes the hand
  • leave and take
  • Slydini's misdirection sleight
  • Timing
  • Coordination
This is a master's routine. One of its great lessons is the use of the eyes. Malini said: "It's in the eye". This is something Slydini instinctively understood and employed in all of his magic. This routine teaches the use of the eyes and above all belief. In every lesson we ever had he always told me: "You must believe what you are doing, if you believe it, they will believe it."

I have included hundreds of photographs on a beat by beat basis, including 'exposed' views of the magicians 'center', as understanding proper movement is absolutely essential to the proper performance of this Slydini masterpiece.

1st edition 2003; revised 2006; 80 pages with photos and illustrations.
word count: 27435 which is equivalent to 109 standard pages of text