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Slydini's Production Silks by D. Angelo Ferri

Slydini used to open his stage act with this routine.

Slydini's Production Silks is a routine he cared deeply about. This is an opening stage effect. (He used to say: "If you wait too long the silks will get stale".) The magician shows his hands empty then picks up a silk from the seat of a chair. The silk is displayed and placed on the back of the chair. The magician reaches into the air and produces a second silk, which is also placed on the back of the chair. Two more silks are produced from the air and then all four silks are picked up. These silks multiply into a beautiful 'fountain of silks'. The routine ends with a production of a giant flag silk.

This manuscript includes a careful description of how to fold the silks, the production of the individual silks, the fountain of silks, and the giant flag finale. Many photographs are employed to help the student understand each phase of the routine.

Careful attention must be paid to stance, the magician's relationship to his audience.

Dennis has also included a 'foot chart' to help the student with his foot work.

This is a professional opening routine that requires practice and dedication to master. There are no gimmicked silks and only one simple piece of 'apparatus' is required.

1st edition 2004; 75 pages.
word count: 13689 which is equivalent to 54 standard pages of text