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Soumya's Brainstorm
by Soumya Deb


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Soumya's Brainstorm by Soumya Deb

Soumya Deb is one of the most prolific magic ideas-men it has been Sam Dalal's privilege to come across. Sam has been inundated by contributions from him. He has regularly sent several contributions for every Electro Fun Update, although space and the requirements of variety restrict the publication to a small fraction of his ideas.

When Sam told Soumya they would put out his better ideas in book form, he again received twice as much material as they could possibly use. This ebook brings you the best and most practical of his "brain storms" spanning from novel card tricks to easy to make and perform illusions.

Soumya is not an arm chair dreamer, but a person who eats, drinks and sleeps magic. He performs round the year, six months in the Circus tent, and the other six on stage. He requires to constantly update his act, which is perhaps responsible for his prolific creativity. We do not think he can look at or read about a trick, without coming up with a couple or more ideas of his own. And his notions are novel and off the beaten track, the type of angles that would appeal to the average audience.

Soumya has performed with most of the big Indian Circuses, including Great Rayman Circus, Olympic Circus, Famous Circus, Gemini Circus, Moonlight Circus, Ajanta Circus etc. Besides being an accomplished magician, Soumya is also an Artist with a diploma from Shantiniketan, a specialist on the Spanish Guitar, and accomplished at all orchestra instruments, drums, and the synthesizer. I could go on about this highly talented and versatile person, but that would take up a book the size of this one!

This ebook has over 30 of Soumya’s brain storms, as compared to the usual dozen we manage in a similar format. Soumya’s skills as an artist make the descriptions lucid, without much need for lengthy descriptions. The magic is novel and off-beat, and can be easily adapted to your individual performing taste. "Something for everyone" would be an apt description for this publication. - Sam Dalal


  • King Of Kings
  • Corrected Choice
  • The 20th Century Card Trick
  • Practical Palmhistory
  • When The Magician Becomes A Photographer
  • Magic In The Zoo
  • Good Brushing
  • Floating Match Box
  • Shadow Identity
  • Cigarette vanish in palm
  • Cigarette vanish in mechanical way
  • Cigarettetrix
  • Silk Suspension
  • Travelling Floating Silk
  • Silk From Glass
  • Colour Change Silk
  • Balloon to cane
  • Instant Mint
  • X-Ray Pencil Vision
  • Hot Wave
  • Utility Finger Gloves
  • Magnetic Disks
  • The Long Short Rope
  • Some Tips On Spring Flowers
  • Catching Flowers From the Air
  • Flowers From Tube
  • Predict A Flower
  • The Flower On Wand
  • Lift Door Production Box
  • Lady Production Box
  • Surrounded Spectator Shadow To Life
  • Nail Box Illusion

1st edition 1998. 1st digital edition 2011. 26 pages.
word count: 5966 which is equivalent to 23 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Don Jarrard (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 21 August, 2022

The lady appearance is great. The mindreading tricks are ingenious. Highly recommend for amateurs or even professionals who can afford at least this price.