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Spelling Deck
by Jozsef Kovacs

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Spelling Deck by Jozsef Kovacs

Six tricks with an easy to make deck of cards.

An ACAAN-variation. The magician introduces two decks of cards: one has a blue back, the other red. The blue deck is shuffled and tabled. The red deck is numbered from 1 to 52 on the back of the cards. The spectator cuts to a random card in the shuffled red deck and selects another random card. The spectator turns any of the two red cards face up and the other one face down. By using the number on the back of the red-backed card, the spectator deals a pile from the blue-backed deck. The last dealt card matches the face-up, red-backed card.

The magician introduces a pocket diary and a deck of cards. The cards have numbers from 1 to 52 on their backs, and the diary is filled with the names of playing cards. The performer makes a prediction. The spectator selects two cards randomly from the deck. The numbers on the backs of the cards generate a month and a day. The card written next to the randomly generated date is the same as the performer’s prediction.

The mentalist introduces a deck of cards and a few books. All the cards in the deck have numbers written on their backs, from 1 to 52. The spectator cuts the shuffled deck. The top card of the deck is used, and by spelling the name of this randomly cut card, the spectator arrives at a second card. The two numbers on the backs of the two chosen cards are added together. The spectator chooses one of the books and opens it to the page which was generated randomly by the sum of the two numbers on the cards. She reads the first line on the chosen page. The mentalist reads the spectator’s mind, and describes what the spectator is thinking of.


"Check out this e-book by my friend, József Kovács! He is a very talented magician with some brilliant magic creations! His e-book, The Spelling Deck, contains 6 ingenious effects that are easy to do with a deck that you can easily make at home!" - Paul Lelekis

"I like the Spelling Deck very much... great idea and so many possibilities. József's Spelling Deck is VERY clever, and the ebook contains some great ideas and effects!" - Stephen Tucker

1st edition 2014, 16 pages.
word count: 5182 which is equivalent to 20 standard pages of text

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