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Spirit Writer

by Lorin Wiener

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Spirit Writer by Lorin Wiener

This is one of the strongest magic tricks you can do with a Palm Pilot or other PalmOS devices (cellphones, PDAs). It is basically a nail writer without the difficulties of learning to use a nail writer.

Effect: The spectator is shown a drawing program on the Palm. You draw a tree or some other doodle to demonstrate it and then erase the picture which you drew...

Explain that you are going to make a prediction about an event that is going to take place in the future and that this event will involve a unique three-digit number, which may or may not have significance in the spectators' life.

When the spectator is ready to begin, you write down a three-digit number on the screen of the Palm Pilot which you believe the spectator will be thinking of. The case of the Palm Pilot is closed completely covering the screen and the Palm is placed on a nearby table as you ask the spectator to look deep into your eyes and concentrate on your thoughts.

Explain that you will attempt to transmit your thoughts and prediction of the three-digit number to the spectator and that they should call out the numbers one by one as they receive them without thinking about whether or not the numbers have significance in their life.

As the spectator is saying the number they are thinking of, they are asked whether the number has any significance in their life as you reach over and quickly open the case bringing the Palm Pilot screen into the spectator's view.

The handwritten three-digit number you predicted exactly matches the three-digit number the spectator is thinking of!

The trick is immediately repeatable, inspectable (the spectator can even draw on the Palm Pilot) and the results are different every time!

  • Works on all PalmOS PDA's with PalmOS 2.0 or greater.
  • Easy to install - Only 14k in file size.
  • Manual teaches you the clever secrets and every aspect for performing this professional effect.
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