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Stage Cool
by Michael P. Lair

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Stage Cool by Michael P. Lair

A collection of cool magic effects to heat up your stage performance.

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  • Sparkle Matches: Matches are produced lit in your magic act, with electrical sparks showering off them. The sparks accentuate the lit match productions.
  • Confetti Packets: Produce a burst of shiny mylar confetti at any time during your magic act.
  • Throw Streamer Packet: A colorful burst of throw streamers appears at any point in your act. This setup makes them easy to steal from any pocket, table, scarf, or any place you wish.
  • Funbrella: At the end of a scarf routine, an umbrella mysteriously appears in a shower of brilliant, rain-like confetti.
  • 20-Oz. Production: During the act, you produce a 20-oz. container of any soft drink. If you’re thirsty during the show, this is an excellent way to make a drink appear.
  • Cool Coil: This is a great ending to any magic routine. Suddenly, a 36’ reusable ribbon uncoils from your fingertips. Pretty cool.
  • Beach Coil: At the end of performing Beach Memories, my animated beach ball effect, the beach ball magically unwinds into a 36’ streamer of yellow, blue, pink, and white. This is a great way to end Beach Memories.
  • Rose Coil: A silk rose is cut from the stem, crumpled, and then it unwinds into a 36’ red, reusable ribbon.
  • Gold: Remove your gold pocket handkerchief, and it magically changes into an Origami balloon that animates across your arms until the balloon begins to unwind into a 36’ gold coil.
  • First Appearances: Both hands are shown empty. A magic wand is pushed through the left fist, and a half dollar magically appears.
  • Side Pocket: When a magic wand is waved, a half dollar vanishes! This is a no-gimmick, anytime/anywhere coin vanish with many applications.
  • Cross Sleeve: With a wave of the magic wand, a silver ball mysteriously vanishes at your fingertips, or a half dollar magically changes into a dime! These are a couple of the many wonderful effects possible using the Cross Sleeve technique.
  • Auto-Light Match: A match is removed from a matchbox and struck against the striking paper a few times, when the matchbox accidentally falls to the floor. The magician, spotting the matchbox on the floor, concentrates on the match until it lights automatically.
  • Pipe Smoke: While reminiscing about your old magic teacher, you show everyone the pipe your teacher left with you to cherish. Suddenly, the pipe gives off a cloud of smoke.
  • Candle Ring: With this setup, a Fantasio vanishing candle can be held at the middle and tossed from hand to hand, and then instantly vanished.
  • Candle To Sword: An 18” white candle is lit. In a shower of sparks, it magically changes into a 36” gleaming Chinese sword.
  • Flashspin: When a wand is tapped against a lit candle, the candle vanishes mysteriously in a circle of fire and sparkles.
  • Spitfire: If you are looking for a candle that you can produce lit anytime during your act, then look no further! Spitfire is an eye-catching, flashy addition to any magic act.
  • Splitfire: A lit candle is twirled in the right hand. The left hand reaches over and produces a second candle from the flame of the first.

1st edition 1998, PDF 40 pages.
word count: 7445 which is equivalent to 29 standard pages of text