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Stage Tricks Illusions and Escapes
by Collins Pentz


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Stage Tricks Illusions and Escapes by Collins Pentz

From the preface:

To nearly every present day magician all these tricks will be new, as it was fifteen to twenty years ago that they appeared in The Eagle Magician. These tricks have been carefully selected from nearly six volumes of this valuable little magazine and accurately revised and condensed to fill this valuable book. But few of the old-timers and collectors have any of these magazines, so to the present day magi's they will be an invaluable addition to their act.

In the old days smokers used to roll their own. Today many magicians like to make their own; "Magic Tricks", To fill such a demand only tricks that are easily made up have been selected, accompanied with plain drawings showing just how this may be accomplished at a very small cost.

  • Preface
  • The Philosopher's Stone
  • The Pillar Of Liberty
  • Clever Handkerchief And Soup Plate
  • An Oriental Act
  • The Flowers Of Delhi
  • Fire And Water Trick
  • The Palm Burning Globe
  • A Cubical Concoction
  • The Magic Rings Of "Odin"
  • A New Cross Escape
  • Hat Illusion
  • The Color Changing Candle
  • The Improved Barrel Escape
  • The Silver Box
  • The Miracle Coins
  • An Inexhaustible Box
  • Professional Spirit Cabinet
  • A Clever Vanishing Clock
  • "The Release"
  • The Original Production
  • Mammoth Bowl Of Water Production
  • The Changing Bag Hat
  • The Enchanted Die
  • Sawing A Lady In Half
  • The Vanishing Boy
  • Original Trunk Trick
  • Color Changing Block Mystery
  • Original Water Barrel Escape
  • Chinese Lantern Production

1st edition 1935, 60 pages; PDF 47 pages.
word count: 15990 which is equivalent to 63 standard pages of text