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by Michael P. Lair

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Standup by Michael P. Lair

A collection of visual magic to add to your standup act.

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  • Candle Shell
  • Candle Ring: With this setup, a Fantasio vanishing candle can be held at the middle and tossed from hand to hand, and then instantly vanished. This has been reprinted from my book Stage Cool.
  • Color Change: A white, lit candle changes quite spectacularly into a red candle. The color change is done openly and it is very startling to the audience.
  • Pocket Scarf Vanish: A red pocket scarf is placed in front of a red candle. The scarf magically adheres to the candle. In a flash, the pocket scarf falls down, and the candle vanishes! The pocket scarf can now be tucked back into your jacket pocket, making quite a fashion statement.
  • Multiplying Candles: A tall white candle is lit. Two white candles are split from it, leaving the magician with three lit candles, to the amazement of the audience.
  • Candle Rewind: An 18” white lit candle rewinds into a 30-foot white cloth ribbon.
  • Candle Rewind Plus: A candle is lit with a cigarette lighter. When it is extinguished, it rewinds into a 30’ white reusable coil.
  • Cool Match Pull: A lit match is removed from your lapel, coat, pants pocket, or anywhere you wish, anytime in your act. Match pulls have been around for quite some time, and I have owned several versions of them. You will like this one, because it is sturdy, with consistent, firm pressure on the match.
  • Lucky Photo: A deck is shuffled and the spectator separates the deck into four piles of cards. The spectator freely selects one of the piles. A photo of the magician is placed face down on top of this pile. When the top card and photo are turned over, the picture shows the magician holding a card that perfectly matches the chosen card...a very Lucky Photo indeed.
  • Rubber Band Prediction: A deck of cards is shown with a folded up prediction rubber banded to the top of the card box. A card is selected, and it is so amazing when the card and the prediction match.
  • Subway Pass: You offer the spectators a good deal on purchasing subway passes. They laugh and tell you there are no subways in their town. Better go to New York City! You beg to differ, saying that you just had lunch at one...get it?!? A Subway!!! The passes turn out to be nothing more than extra napkins you just received with your value meal. The napkin (subway pass) then sticks to your shirt. You roll it into a ball, and it rolls along your arms like a subway train barreling down the track. A little static provided by your comb, and it floats in the air. The subway pass is then opened up, magically revealing a 12 oz. can of soda pop, proving that it is always a good idea to buy the value meal, because a drink comes free with the sandwich!
  • Confetti Packets: Produce a burst of shiny mylar confetti at any time during your magic act! Confetti Packets is reprinted from my book Stage Cool.
  • Side Pocket: When a magic wand is waved, a half dollar vanishes! This is a no-gimmick, anytime/anywhere coin vanish with many applications! Side Pocket is reprinted from my book of stage magic entitled Stage Cool.
  • Big Coins! A jumbo, 2 1/2” silver coin appears in a flash. It jumps from hand to hand, and then vanishes into a brilliant burst of silver confetti. The jumbo coin reappears and then changes into a half dollar. The ending of this exciting routine makes the audience go crazy: the half dollar visually changes into a 25', silver mylar coil that unwinds out of your hand.

1st edition 2002, 40 pages; PDF 41 pages.
word count: 7841 which is equivalent to 31 standard pages of text