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Surrealchemy by Scott Creasey

Surrealchemy is a term that was coined by Tony 'Doc' Shiels in his 1989 publication the The Cantrip Codex and it is a word that sums up the routines in this ebook.

Within these 38 pages you will find four of Scott's favourite bizarre/surreal mentalism routines that offer a 'strange profound and unsettling' experience. No blood curdling screams, cloaks and daggers, blood sacrifices or incantations, but instead a number of routines that are easy to make up, easy to carry and easy to perform. With the bizarre and surreal of course presentation is everything so with that in mind Scott has also included his full scripts for each routine.

"I Cannot recommend this highly enough. All the routines hit hard and leave an impression with the spectator. Having seen Scott demonstrate a couple of these, I can vouch for how strong they are, and the emotional impact they will have on a spectator. The first effect is 100% worth more than the price of admission." - Adam Daniel

"Just finished....only one word to comment.....EXCELLENT!!!!!!" - Alfonso Barolacci

"Got it. Love the ideas in the new release. Thanks as always for your generosity to the magic and mentalism community!" - Dave Dodds

"Veridical Afterimage: This is a strong bizarre effect which Scott had intended to release in MMM (it fits right in with that release) but decided it kind of stands on its own in terms of presentation. Me and My Shadow: I really love this presentation. It gets in their head especially if played very seriously. Gifted Burden: To me, this one is worth the price of the book. This routine uses a combination of well known principles in a GENIUS way. And I do mean GENIUS. Overall, I think this is definitely worth the money. It's perfect for the Halloween season if you want to be spooky without being corny. It will get into their head and mess with their perception." - Madison Hagler

1st edition 2018, 37 pages.
word count: 10878 which is equivalent to 43 standard pages of text