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Seven Past Midnight
by Anabelle


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Seven Past Midnight by Anabelle

This is the very first manuscript Anabelle released way back in 2003. A creative mix of Bizarre Magic and Mentalism. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the original 2003 release with the original cover on the PDF and original content. Nothing new has been added.

Brother Shadow (Carl Herron): "If you are a performer that deals with things strange and mysterious, this eBook is for you!"

Ted Lesley: "Anabelle's E-book "Seven Past Midnight" is wonderful! Get it as soon as you can and I know you'll be more than pleased. Since I have read the book, I am a fan of Anabelle."

In this manuscript you'll find:
  • The Spell In The Box
  • Mysterious Tarot Reading
  • Anabelle's Fortune
  • Jack The Ripper Is After Anabelle
  • Jack The Ripper Warning For Naughty Girls
  • Crystal Ball Gazing #1
  • Crystal Ball Gazing #2
  • Liam Montier's "The Dream Catcher"
  • Tarot - The Royal Road - Article by Anabelle
  • Bonus Routine: Granpa's Penny
You'll need the following items to perform the routines in this eBook, nothing really hard to find or expensive.
  • A weird looking box (the weirder the better)
  • Stack of Business cards (ones that would logically be near you)
  • Pencil or Pen (knock yourself out)
  • Tarot Cards (the spookier looking the better. I like the Crowley Thoth deck but any will do)
  • An English Penny dated no later than 1888 (Coin or Stamp Store) or any item Jack the Ripper might have touched during that time.
  • A Drawer Box (available at any magic dealer and inexpensive)
  • Marked Deck of Cards
  • Invisible Deck
  • A small Crystal Ball (or something like it)
  • An older Penny (one your grandfather would've had as a kid)

1st edition 2003, 27 pages.
word count: 7748 which is equivalent to 30 standard pages of text