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Here's New Magic
by Joe Berg


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Here's New Magic by Joe Berg

Seven years in the making! Another great book by the co-author of Here's Magic.

Magician-dealer Joe Berg reveals 23 secrets of magic that, prior to the release of this book, had never before been divulged. With the assistance of Martin Gardner, Berg reveals his best, tested tricks and routines that magicians of every ilk will put to immediate use.

Featuring killer effects such as the "Adhesive Tape Thumb-Tie" that, unlike a $25 manuscript that uses red electrician's tape, works with any tape and uses no external gimmicks. Or how about "The Magical Hatchery" — a cute effect that's a hit for club workers.

Close-up workers will appreciate Berg's "New Cups and Balls Routine." Seattle's T. A. Whitney predicts that this routine will bring tears of joy to the eyes of your audience.


  • A Surprise Discovery
  • Different Disclosure
  • The Changing Faces
  • Gardner's Card Speller
  • Berg's Miracle Spread
  • The Transferred Cards
  • Mistakes Will Happen
  • Color Transformation
  • An Unbelievable Prediction
  • The Magician Makes Good
  • An Amazing Card Location
  • Coincidental Location
  • Vanish of Glass and Silk
  • Knot from Nowhere
  • Handkerchief and Coffee Cups
  • The Magical Hatchery
  • The Balancing Dime
  • An Odd Handkerchief Knot
  • Gardner's Immovable Cigarette
  • Handkerchief and Coin
  • Adhesive Tape Thumb Tie
  • Berg's Cups and Balls Routine
  • So That You May Know
  • Patter Suggestions
"As usual, with books by dealers, the magic is good. Fine routines with worthwhile patter lines."- Lloyd E. Jones, Genii magazine

"We have seen Joe present many of the effects included in this book, any one of which is worth more than the price asked for the book. Real smart effects." - Percy Abbott

"Berg's ideas, as usual, are very clever." - John Mulholland, The Sphinx magazine

"'Here's New Magic' gets my stamp of approval." - T. A. Whitney

1st edition 1937, PDF 51 pages.
word count: 14703 which is equivalent to 58 standard pages of text