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Sweet Dreams
by Scott Xavier

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Sweet Dreams by Scott Xavier

A prediction to sealed sugar packet and prediction to fortune cookie.

Imagine having a prediction appear inside a sealed and freely selected sugar packet. It is like a confabulation on steroids. You will learn a method to "Inject" a prediction, playing card, or bill into a sealed sugar packet. Everyone knows they are hermetically sealed for health and safety reasons, so how is this possible? Bonus effect: The fortune cookie chair test has been a pet project of mine. Now I have refined it to be easier and quicker to setup. You have 3 spectators think of random things and their answers appear inside fortune cookies. You may even allow the spectators to eat the cookies and keep the predictions.

Sweet Dreams Effect: The magician has a bowl of sugar packets out and asks a spectator to select any one the packets. He then states that before he was this world famous mind reader and illusionist, he actually used to write fortune for fortune cookies. The security was tight because what if those predictions got out? The mind reader then goes onto say that this factory also made sugar packets from leftover fortune cookie sugar, and he smuggled a prediction out inside one of these sugar packets. He then asks several people to randomly name 3 things. A restaurant… A location anywhere in the world… Last the name of a long lost friend… When the holder of the packet comes up on stage, the packet is torn open by the spectator. Sugar pours out and inside falls a sheet of paper describing an imaginary trip to the stated location, where they eat at a newly opened restaurant with the same name mentioned by the spectator, and they are served by a server with the name of the long lost friend! A true miracle of the fortune cookie prophet!

1st edition 2018, 13 pages.
word count: 1672 which is equivalent to 6 standard pages of text

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