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Syd Bergson

Syd Bergson

(England: 2nd June 1904 - 24th January 1980)

Moved to USA (Brooklyn N.Y.) as child. Studied law (admitted to the Bar in 1930) but worked as hotel manager. Amateur magician and mentalist in Miami. Dealer in mental effects. Mentalism column "Merely Mental" in Linking Ring in 1970s. Twice a recipient of the Fleming Award.

Coauthors: Robert A. Nelson

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Robert A. Nelson & Syd Bergson
Mentalism and its Presentation by Robert A. Nelson & Syd Bergson

A confidential report, intended only for those who are serious about the mental profession. Learn the correct techniques of presentation, teaching what to do and what not to do for successful mentalism. A must-have book for every mentalist and magician. These lessons will make you a better performer, enhance your reputation as an unusual entertainer and enable you to collect higher fees.


THE SERIOUS BUSINESS OF MENTALISM - Mentalism as a profitable business - The Mentalist's Sole Aim - The Effort to Deceive - The Challenge to the Spectator - Mentalism vs. Magic - Perfection...

★★★★★ $8
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